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caráter character
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character n (nature)  (natureza)caráter sm
 It's not in his character to tell lies.
character n (moral quality)caráter sm
 Our employees are people of good character.
 Nossos empregados são pessoas de caráter.
character n (reputation)  (reputação)caráter sm
 Sir William was a man of exemplary character.
character n (good qualities)  (boas qualidades)caráter sm
 I really like her. She has a lot of character.
quality n (nature)  (soma de traços principais, natureza)qualidade sf
  caráter sm
 The quality of true love is not selfish.
spirit n (essential nature of sthg)  (essência)espírito, caráter sm
 The whole spirit of the meeting was negative, in my opinion.
mettle n (strength of character)caráter, temperamento, feitio sm
  índole, têmpera sf
character trait n (behavioural characteristic)  (característica comportamental)traço de caráter loc sm
 He has a lot of nasty character traits.
character witness n ([sb] testifying to reputation of accused person)  (alguém que comprova a reputação de um réu)testemunha abonatória loc sf
  testemunha de caráter loc sf
 The character witness testified that the doctor was honest.
fabric n figurative (of society)  (figurado)estrutura sf
  caráter essencial loc sm
vouch for dar testemunho de caráter ou habilidade
  assegurar, garantir
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