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característica sffeature, characteristic nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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feature n (characteristic)característica sf
  atributo sm
 A feature of English is that there are no genders.
 Uma característica da língua inglesa é a de que não há gêneros.
characteristic n (quality of sthg)característica sf
 A common characteristic of Rococo painting is lots of ornamentation.
characteristic n (distinguishing feature)característica sf
 She has some characteristics that make her stand out from the crowd.
 Ela tem algumas características que a distinguem na multidão.
attribute n (personal quality, characteristic)atributo sm
  característica sf
trait n (characteristic)traço sm
  característica sf
distinctive feature n (distinguishing characteristic)característica distintiva
 Jimmy's most distinctive feature is his enormous nose.
dominant characteristic n (feature or trait passed down through genes)característica dominante loc sf
 Blue eyes and melancholia are dominant characteristics in my family.
main feature n (distinguishing mark or characteristic)característica principal loc sf
 The main feature of this website is to provide knowledge about words.
clinical feature n (symptom)  (sintoma)característica clínica loc sf
 Hallucinations are a clinical feature of schizophrenia.
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