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carvão coal, charcoal
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charcoal n (for barbeque)carvão sm
charcoal n (remains of fire)carvão sm
coal n (for fire)carvão sm
scuttle npl (bucket for coal)balde para carvão loc sm
coalmine n (pit where coal is extracted)mina de carvão loc sf
colliery n (coal mine)mina de carvão loc sf
charcoal drawing n (drawing done in charcoal)desenho a carvão loc sm
 Constable's great paintings were often based on charcoal drawings.
charcoal gray
UK: charcoal grey
US (dark grey colour)cinza-carvão sm
 I'm particularly fond of my charcoal grey suit.
charcoal gray
UK: charcoal grey
US (dark grey in colour)cinza carvão
 He bought a charcoal grey suit for his interview.
coal miner n ([sb] employed to dig for coal)mineiro de carvão loc sm
 Coal miners once carried caged canaries with them down into the mines, to give them warning of the deadly methane gas.
coal mining n (industry: digging for coal)mineração de carvão loc sf
 When weighing the cost of burning coal, one should consider not only the impact of burning coal but also the impact of coal mining on the environment, local communities and the miners themselves.
coal fired
(fuelled by coal)alimentado com carvão loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before a noun
 If we are to find a solution to global warming, we must find an alternative to coal-fired power stations.
charcoal kiln n (oven used to make charcoal)  (forno para fazer carvão)carvoaria, carvoeira sf
  forno de carvão loc sm
coal mine mina de carvão
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