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casamento smwedding, marriage nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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marriage n (matrimony)casamento sm
  matrimônio sf
 The institution of marriage has changed little over the centuries.
 A instituição do casamento não mudou muito nos últimos séculos.
  O matrimônio de duas pessoas do mesmo sexo é legal na Espanha.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
marriage n (wedding)casamento sm
 Their marriage will take place on August 13th.
wedding n (marriage ceremony)  (cerimônia da união entre duas pessoas)casamento sm
 They celebrated their wedding on March 27th.
 Eles celebraram o casamento deles no dia 27 de março.
match n (marriage)casamento, matrimônio sm
  união sf
 It was a match made in heaven, and they lived happily ever after.
wedding adj (of a wedding)de casamento loc adj
 The wedding pictures were beautiful.
betroth vtr (promise in marriage)contratar casamento loc vt
  prometer em matrimônio loc vt
banns npl (marriage declaration)proclama sf
  pregão de casamento loc sm
by marriage adv (through the family of one's spouse)por casamento loc adv
 He is my uncle by marriage, certainly not by choice.
church wedding n (marriage ceremony in a church)  (cerimônia de casamento numa igreja)casamento religioso loc sm
 They had a civil ceremony in June but she still wants a real church wedding.
civil wedding n (non-religious marriage ceremony)casamento civil loc sm
 The bride and groom decided on a civil wedding as they were not themselves religious people.
evening reception n (wedding: party taking place in the evening)  (casamento : festa )festa de casamento loc sf
 Anyone and everyone's invited to the evening reception.
forced marriage n (marriage arranged without consent)casamento forçado loc sm
 In a forced marriage you are coerced into marrying someone against your will.
gay marriage n UK informal (civil partnership of same-sex couple)  ( informal)casamento gay, casamento homossexual loc sm
 Gay marriage is legal now in the UK.
gay marriage n US informal (marriage of same-sex couple)  ( informal)casamento gay, casamento homossexual loc sm
 The state senate is voting on whether to allow gay marriage.
interracial marriage n (marriage between persons of different race)casamento inter-racial
 Interracial marriage was against the law under South Africa's apartheid regime.
marriage ceremony n (official part of a wedding)cerimônia de casamento loc sf
marriage contract n (prenuptial agreement)  (contrato pré-nupcial)contrato de casamento loc sm
 He insisted his future wife sign a marriage contract to protect his family's wealth.
marriage license n (permit allowing [sb] to get married)certidão de casamento loc sf
 It is a good idea, about a week before the wedding, to go to the courthouse to obtain a marriage license.
marriage proposal n (request to marry [sb])proposta de casamento loc sf
 She accepted his marriage proposal without hesitation.
mixed marriage n (inter-racial marriage)casamento inter-racial loc sm
 Mixed marriages were once banned in the southern states of the USA.
arranged marriage n (marriage negotiated by parents)casamento arranjado loc sm
 He doesn't want to marry her, it's an arranged marriage.
cousin-in-law n (spouse of one's cousin)primo por casamento loc sm
 I'd like you to meet my new cousin-in law, Estelle.
dream wedding n figurative (lavish wedding ceremony)casamento dos sonhos loc sm
 Her dream wedding would be in Hawaii.
best man padrinho de casamento
hope chest baú de casamento
marriage of convenience casamento de conveniência
pop the question propor casamento
shotgun wedding casamento apressado
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