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causar vtcause, induce vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
  bring on vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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lead vtr (cause)causar vt
 The protesters led a riot after the police used water cannon.
account vi (cause)causar vt
 Her harsh words accounted for his sadness.
cause vtr (bring about)causar vt
 High inflation caused a panic in the market.
 A alta inflação causou pânico no mercado.
produce vtr (cause)causar sf
 The bad policy produced many problems for the government.
raise vtr (activate)causar, levantar vt
 The opposition raised a commotion in the House of Deputies.
draw vtr (elicit, arouse)causar, suscitar vt
 Racial remarks will usually draw anger from others.
bite vi informal (sting)causar dor loc v int
 Antiseptic on an open cut really bites.
mess with
(cause problems)causar problema loc v int
 Don't mess with me or I will make your life difficult.
wrong vtr (harm, do wrong to)prejudicar vt
  causar dano loc vt
 The thief sought forgiveness from the people he had wronged.
wash [sth]
(erode)  (desgastar por água)eliminar, erodir vt
  causar ou sofrer erosão loc vt
 The footpath is washed by the rain.
disadvantage vtr (put at a disadvantage)colocar em situação desvantajosa loc vt
  causar prejuízo loc vt
originate vtr (bring into being)originar, causar vt
disgust vtr (revolt, nauseate)repugnar vt
  causar asco loc vt
implicate vtr (imply)implicar, causar vt
bring about vtr (cause)ocasionar, causar vt
 He promised that he would bring about change.
cause inflammation v (infect, produce swelling)  (infeccionar)causar inflamação
 If you don't keep that wound clean, the germs will cause inflammation and infection.
 Nurses are taught the four traditional signs of inflammation: rubor, calor, tumor and dolor.
cause interference v (confuse radio, tv, telephone, signals)  (rádio, televisão)causar interferência
 Lightning storms cause interference with my TV reception.
cause pain v (hurt physically)  (fisicamente)fazer sofrer, causar dor
 As a nurse, I sometimes had to perform procedures that caused people pain.
cause pain v (torment, hurt emotionally)  (emocionalmente )fazer sofrer, causar dor
 Although I didn't want to cause him pain, I felt that I had no choice but to tell him about his wife's infidelity.
do great harm vi (cause serious trouble or damage)causar danos graves
 The hurricane did great harm to the coastline.
do harm vi (cause trouble or damage)fazer mal, causar problemas
 The surgeon was going to try to remove the tumor without doing more harm.
do no harm vi (avoid hurting anyone)  (evitar ferir a alguém )não causar dano
 'Above all, do no harm' is part of the doctor's oath.
do no harm vi (avoid causing trouble or damage)  (evitar causar problemas)não causar dano
 It will do no harm to let her have a glass of wine.
inflict pain vi (cause suffering)infligir dor, causar dor loc vt
 The point of torture is to inflict pain on somebody in order to dehumanize them.
creep out vtr phrasal sep slang (unnerve)causar arrepios loc vt
  dar calafrios loc vt
 I don't like the way he looks at me; he creeps me out.
cause a stir v (arouse excitement or interest)causar furor loc vt
  causar agitação loc vt
 A skimpy outfit can cause a stir at the office.
cause confusion v (make [sth] unclear)causar confusão loc vt
cause harm v (do damage or hurt)causar dano loc vt
induce vtr (cause)causar, provocar vt
spawn vtr (lead to)  (levar a)causar, gerar vt
bring on provocar,causar,acarretar
fuck [sb] up   (vulgar)encher o saco de alguém
  causar problemas a alguém
hit home causar grande efeito
  afetar pessoal e/o emocionalmente
make an impression causar impressão
make trouble causar problemas
make trouble for [sb] causar problemas a alguém
sticking point o ponto ou situação que poderá causar um impasse
wreak havoc causar estragos, danos
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