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Traduções principais
cavalo smhorse nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
horse n (animal)cavalo sm
 Many cowboys rode horses.
 Muitos vaqueiros andavam a cavalo.
dobbin n informal (horse) (manso e lento)cavalo sm
cob n (stocky horse) (pequeno e atarracado)cavalo sm
 Coal wagons were pulled by cobs in the old days.
knight n (chess piece) (peça do jogo de xadrez)cavalo sm
 Peter used a knight to take the queen.
vault n (gym apparatus) (aparelho ginástica)cavalo sm
Traduções complementares
horse n (male horse) (cavalo, macho)cavalo sm
 The horse mated with the mare.
horse n (gymnastics) (ginástica olímpica)cavalo sm
 Her favourite competition in gymnastics was the horse.
horse n (heroin) (drogas: heroína)cavalo sm
 They say it is hard to get off the horse once you are on it. Heroin addiction is strong.
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Formas compostas:
(North American horse breed) (raça de cavalo)appaloosa estrang
  cavalo-pintado sm
bay n (reddish-brown horse)cavalo baio sm
  baio sm
 Fiona placed a bet on the bay at the big race.
bronc n US, abbreviation (wild horse)cavalo selvagem loc sm
bronco n US (untamed horse)cavalo não-domado loc sm
charger n (horse: battle steed) (cavalo: corcel de combate)cavalo de batalha loc sm
 The tapestry depicts knights mounted on chargers.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth expr figurative (Be grateful for [sth] obtained for free)A cavalo dado não se olha os dentes exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 When I asked my uncle for extra money on my birthday, my mother said, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."
gelding n (castrated male horse)cavalo castrado loc sm
  capão sm
 A gray gelding stood next to the fence as we approached.
hack n UK (horse for hire)cavalo de aluguel sm
hackney n (horse used to draw carriage) (usado para puxar carruagem)cavalo de sela loc sm
heavy horse n (large equine breed) (raça de cavalo grande)cavalo de porte loc sm
  cavalo Shire loc sm
horse race n (competition for horses) (competição hípica)corrida de cavalo expres
 Brenda is watching a horse race on TV.
horse riding n (activity: riding on a horse) (atividade)andar a cavalo
  hipismo sm
 I love horse riding but it makes my muscles ache afterwards.
horse trainer n ([sb] who teaches behaviour to horses)treinador de cavalo loc sm
horse training n (teaching behaviour to horses)adestramento de cavalo loc sm
horseback adv (on a horse's back) (nas costas dum cavalo)a cavalo loc adv
 Four men rode horseback, and one drove a wagon.
horseback riding n (activity: riding on a horse) (atividade)andar a cavalo
 One of my favorite summer activities was to go horseback riding.
horsepower n uncountable (unit of power) (física)cavalo-vapor sm
 What is the horsepower of this engine?
horsepower n figurative, uncountable (strength, power) (força, potência)cavalo-vapor sm
 It's going to take more horsepower to finish this task.
jade n (old horse)cavalo velho sm
  matungo sm
 The farmer hitched the plow to the old jade and got to work.
joust vi historical (fight on horseback) (histórico)combater com lanças montado num cavalo loc v int
 The knights jousted in the tournament.
nag n informal (old horse)cavalo velho sm
  (informal)pangaré sm
 The farmer rode the old nag into town.
palomino n (golden-beige horse)cavalo palomino loc sm
pinto n US (piebald horse)cavalo malhado loc sm
pony tail,
(tied-back hairstyle) (cabelo amarrado para trás)rabo de cavalo loc sm
pony tail
(tied-back hairstyle) (estilo de cabelo)rabo-de-cavalo sm
 The cooks with long hair were required to wear a ponytail to work.
racehorse n (horse that competes in races)cavalo de corrida loc sm
 That racehorse has never lost.
riding n (sport: horses)equitação sf
  andar a cavalo expres
 Maggie enjoys riding and goes out on her horse every day.
seahorse n (small horse-like fish) (peixe pequeno)cavalo-marinho sm
 Some seahorses are no bigger than your finger.
sire n (horse, etc.: male parent)garanhão sm
  cavalo reprodutor loc sm
 The horse's sire famously won many races.
split hairs v expr figurative (focus on trivial things) (figurado)buscar pelo em ovo expres v
  (figurado)procurar chifre em cabeça de cavalo expres v
string cheese n (cheese in strips) (queijo cortado em tiras)queijo em tiras sm
  (Bras.)queijo cavalo sm
  tiras de queijo sf pl
Trojan horse n (Greek mythology: wooden horse)Cavalo de Tróia loc sm
 The Greek soldiers were hidden inside the belly of the Trojan horse.
Trojan horse n figurative ([sth] that infiltrates and harms enemies) (que infiltra e ameaça os inimigos)cavalo de Troia loc sm
Trojan horse n figurative (computer virus) (vírus de computador)cavalo de Troia sm
  (estrang., vírus)trojan sm
 Browsing unsafe web page can result in infections by Trojan horses.
wild horse n (horse which is untamed)cavalo selvagem sm
 A brumby is an Australian wild horse.
yearling n (one-year-old horse)cavalo de um ano loc sm
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