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cena sfscene nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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scene n (setting, location)  (situação, local)local sm
   (local)cena sf
 The ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident within 5 minutes.
 A ambulância chegou ao local do acidente em 5 minutos.
 A ambulância chegou à cena do acidente em 5 minutos.
scene n (crime scene)  (de crime)cena sf
 The police kept everybody away from the scene of the crime.
scene n (visual arrangement)cena sf
 The family makes a lovely scene with their dog and cat.
scene n (division of a play, film)  (divisão de uma peça, filme)cena sf
 The first scene of the play takes place in the bedroom.
 A primeira cena da peça acontece em um quarto.
scene n (episode in a work of fiction)  (episódio)cena sf
 Scene 4: The dinner.
scene n (fuss, scandal)  (alvoroço, escândalo)cena sf
 His son created a big scene over his desire for ice cream. He didn't stop crying till they got home.
 O filho dele fez uma cena enorme por causa do sorvete. Ele não parou de chorar até chegar em casa.
steal vtr (make oneself the centre of)roubar a cena loc vt
 His assistant stole the show with her great performance.
bit n (theatre routine)cena, ponta sf
 The comedy bit about the elevator was really funny.
exeunt n (theatre: exit of more than one actor )  (teatro: saem todos de cena)saída de cena loc sf
bloody mess n literal (scene of gore)cena sangrenta
 The body had been horrifically mutilated, it was a bloody mess.
crime scene n (place where [sth] illegal has taken place)cena do crime loc sf
 Entry to the house was forbidden by the police as it was a crime scene.
cum shot n slang, vulgar (pornography: scene of ejaculation)  (pornografia)cena de ejaculação loc sf
dreamscape n (imagined setting)cena onírica loc sf
 He painted dreamscapes of abstract, ethereal images.
enter the scene v (appear or come into play)entrar em cena loc vt
 Hamlet enters the scene from stage left, not stage right!
film prop n (object used on a movie set)  (objetos usados num filme)acessório de cena loc sm
 They sent her to find a worn-out chair to be used as a film prop in the prison scene.
footage n (film)  (filme)metragem, cena, seqüência sf
leave the scene of sair de cena
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