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cerveja sfbeer nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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beer n uncountable (alcoholic beverage)  (bebida alcoólica)cerveja sf
 Young Americans drink a lot of beer.
 A juventude americana toma muita cerveja.
beer n countable (a single beer)  (recipiente )cerveja sf
 Can you bring us four beers?
 Pode nos trazer quatro cervejas?
ale n (beer)cerveja sf
beer n (beverage of roots, molasses)  (com pouco ou nenhum álcool)cerveja preta, cerveja malte loc sf
   (tipo de )refrigerante sm
 Root beer is a popular American beverage.
lager n (light beer)  (tipo de )cerveja leve loc sf
keg n (barrel of beer)barril de cerveja loc sm
brewing n (beer production)  (produção)fabricação de cerveja loc sf
schooner n Aus (large beer glass)  (AUS, copo grande)copo de cerveja loc sm
tinny n Aus, informal (can of beer)  (AU: informal)lata de cerveja loc sf
beer bottle n (bottle that holds beer)garrafa de cerveja loc sf
 The usual African beer bottle holds 300 millilitres, but some are 600.
beer drinker n ([sb] who prefers beer)bebedor de cerveja loc sm
 I wouldn't know the first thing about wine; I'm a beer drinker.
beer drinker n ([sb] who drinks a lot of beer)bebedor de cerveja loc sm
 You can tell who's a real beer drinker by the size of their bellies!
beer glass n (glass for beer)copo de cerveja loc sm
 If you don't like drinking beer from the bottle, you ask for a beer glass.
beer keg n (barrel that holds and dispenses beer)barril de cerveja loc sm
beer mug n (tankard, large mug for beer)caneco de cerveja loc sm
 Beer is cheaper on Mondays if you bring your own beer mug.
black and tan adj UK (drink: mix of pale and dark beer)  (bebida)cerveja clara e preta misturadas
 Black and tans are made with Guinness and an ale of your choice.
brewer's yeast n (yeast used to ferment beer)levedura de cerveja loc sf
 Mixing brewer's yeast in sugar water will create CO² that attracts and drowns mosquitoes.
ginger beer n (non-alcoholic ginger drink)  (refrigerante feito à base de gengibre)cerveja ginger loc sf
 Despite its name, there is no alcohol in ginger beer.
alcohol-free beer n (beer containing no alcohol)cerveja sem álcool loc sf
 Bob drinks alcohol-free beer when he is the designated driver.
stout n (beer type)  (tipo de cerveja preta e forte)cerveja preta loc sf
on tap cerveja de barril, chope
  pronto, disponível
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