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chefe smchief, boss, head n
 cozinheirochef n
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head n (leader, director) líder, diretorchefe sm
 cabeça smf
 He is the head of the library association.
 Ele é o chefe da associação da biblioteca.
boss n (manager) chefechefe sm
 If you want to take a break, ask the boss.
 Se você quiser fazer um intervalo, peça ao chefe.
chieftain n (head of a tribe) cabeça de tribochefe sm
headman n (tribal chief) líder tribalchefe sm
chef n (cook)chefe sm
mister n informal (husband) informal: maridochefe, senhor sm
 Let me see what my mister thinks.
boss n dated (politics)chefe político loc sm
 The party boss controls all of the appointments in city government.
cheerleader n US (sport: [sb] leading support)chefe de torcida loc smf
 animador de torcida loc sm
marshal n (US officer of the law) oficial americano da leidelegado, chefe de polícia loc sm
 xerife sm
prefect n (administrative official)chefe de departamento loc sm
kingpin n figurative (central element) elemento centrallíder, chefe sm
matron n (senior female nurse)enfermeira-chefe sf
taskmaster n (supervisor, manager) supervisor, gerentecapataz sm
 chefe de serviço loc sm
warlord n (military ruler)comandante militar, chefe guerreiro loc smf
 déspota smf
gaffer n (TV, film: lighting technician) TV, filme, etceletricista-chefe smf
scoutmaster n (leader of Boy Scout troop)chefe de escoteiros loc sf
chief constable n UK (senior police officer)chefe de polícia loc smf
 In the United States the chief constable is called the police chief.
chief librarian n (manager of a library)bibliotecário-chefe sm
chief of staff n (head of a politician's staff) oficial da políciachefe do estado-maior loc smf
 The U.S. President’s Chief of Staff is a very powerful position, sometimes dubbed “The Second-Most Powerful Man in Washington”.
chief of staff n (high ranking military officer) oficial militarchefe do estado-maior loc smf
den mother n US (female cub scout leader)chefe de bandeirantes loc sf
 Most of what the young scouts had been taught came from their den mother.
den mother n US, figurative ([sb] who acts in manner of den mother)chefe de bandeirantes loc sf
 Jack is the "den mother" of the office staff, always arranging little social gatherings and the like.
editor-in-chief n (head editor of a publication) redator principalredator-chefe sm
 chefe de redação loc smf
 To have an opinion letter published, please contact the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.
high priest n figurative (leading figure) figurativo, lídersumo sacerdote, sumo-sacerdote loc sm
 chefe, comandante smf
 Sir Isaac Newton was once called the high priest of science.
drug lord n (illegal drug trafficker)chefe do tráfico loc sm
 Drug lords don't think twice about killing in order to protect their business.
chief n (head)líder, chefe sm
chief n (Indian)chefe, cacique sm
foreman n (of workers)capataz, chefe sm
master of the house chefe da casa
traffic manager chefe de expedição
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