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chegar v int  (a algum lugar)arrive viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
   (informal)come closer, approach viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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come vi (arrive)chegar v int
 What time are they coming?
 A que horas eles chegam?
come vi (approach in time)  (aproximando no tempo)chegar v int
 Winter is coming.
 O inverno está chegando.
come vi (occur in relation to sthg)chegar v int
 Friday comes at the end of the week.
get vi informal (arrive)chegar viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
 When will we get there?
 Quando vamos chegar lá?
make vtr (arrive at)chegar vt
 The ship made port early in the morning.
make vtr (reach in time for)chegar vt
 We made the party in time for dessert.
strike vtr (reach: an accord)  (acordo)chegar vt
  alcançar vt
 The two parties finally struck an agreement.
arrive vi (reach one's destination)  (alcançar o destino)chegar v int
 My family will be waiting for me when I arrive.
 Minha família estará esperando por mim quando eu chegar.
arrive vi (time)chegar v int
 The time has arrived for you two to get married.
run vi (travel)  (percurso)estender-se vp
  chegar, atingir, ir v int
 The highway runs along the valley.
show vi (horse racing: finish third)  (corrida de cavalo)chegar em terceiro lugar loc vt
 The horse was expected to show in the race.
reach vtr (to get to)  (chegar)alcançar, chegar vt
 Have you reached Philadelphia yet? If not, keep driving.
 Você já alcançou (or: chegou) a Filadélfia? Caso não, continue dirigindo.
reach vtr (plane, train: arrive at)  (trem, avião)chegar, alcançar vt
 The train reached its destination on time.
reach vtr (age)  (idade)chegar, alcançar vt
 He felt lucky to have reached the age of ninety.
reach vtr (go as far as)  (ir até certo ponto)alcançar, chegar vt
 The rocket may reach Mars if it has enough fuel.
 O foguete pode alcançar (or: chegar a) Marte se tiver combustível suficiente.
settle vtr (claim: satisfy)  (reclamação: resolver)ajustar, solucionar vt
  chegar a um acordo loc vt
 The insurance company settled all claims from the accident.
settle vtr (quarrel, dispute)  (briga, disputa)resolver vt
  chegar a um acordo loc vt
 They settled their dispute peacefully.
 Eles resolveram a disputa pacificamente.
arrive vi (to attain success)ter sucesso loc v int
   (gíria)chegar lá loc v int
 When David got the promotion, he felt that he had finally arrived.
blow in vi informal (arrive unexpectedly)chegar inesperadamente
 He just blows in without any warning and expects dinner.
blow into vtr US (arrive somewhere unexpectedly )chegar de supetão
 My friend just blew into town; we're going to go have dinner tonight.
border on vtr (be almost)chegar à beira de
 His bizarre behavior borders on the insane.
breeze in vi informal (arrive casually)chegar tranquilamente
 She thinks she can breeze in, give everyone instructions, and then leave.
come of age v (mature, reach maturity, develop fully)chegar à maturidade
 When you come of age you take on the responsibilities of an adult.
come to vtr (arrive at, reach)chegar, alcançar vt
 I lost contact with my brother years ago, and the news of his death came to me in a letter from his solicitor.
come to a decision v (decide, after much consideration)  (decidir)chegar a uma decisão
 After months of thinking, I've come to a decision on which college to attend.
come to a point where v informal (reach a situation whereby)  (informal)chegar ao ponto de/em que
 I have come to a point in my life where I do not like to party every night.
come to an agreement with vtr (resolve a dispute with)  (resolver disputa)chegar a um acordo
 It was a long hard battle but we finally came to an agreement with each other.
come to an agreement with vtr (agree on [sth] with [sb] )  (de algo com alguém)chegar a um acordo
 I came to an agreement with my ex-wife that I would watch the kids on the weekends.
come to an end v (end, conclude)  (terminar, acabar)chegar ao fim loc v int
 All good things must come to an end.
come to an end v (be resolved)  (ser resolvido)chegar ao fim loc v int
 With some therapy your internal conflict could finally come to an end.
come to terms v (to reach an agreement)chegar a um acordo loc vt
 The lawyers should negotiate with each other until they come to terms on the matter.
come together vi (arrive at one time)chegar na mesma hora, chegar ao mesmo tempo
 Since they ride the same bus, they always come together.
come up to vtr literal (reach as high as)  (literal - algo)chegar a, estar na altura de vt
 Don't worry if you can't swim, the water will only come up to your knees.
creep up on vtr literal (approach stealthily)  (secretamente, furtivamente)chegar de surpresa
 She startled her sister by creeping up on her and shouting "Boo!"
drive in
(arrive by car)chegar de carro
Note: hyphen used when term is a noun or an adj before a noun
 If we take the train we don't have to drive in and face all that traffic.
get in vi informal (arrive home)chegar em casa loc v int
 Sorry I missed you, but I got in late last night.
get nowhere vi informal (make no progress)  (inf., não progredir, falhar)chegar a lugar nenhum loc v int
 We've been working on this for hours but we're getting nowhere.
go all the way vi slang (have sex)  (gíria, fazer sexo)chegar aos finalmentes loc v int
 He wanted to go all the way but she said no.
go through vi (be completed)chegar ao final loc v int
  finalizar vt
 We had to wait for the loan to go through before we could buy the house.
hit the headlines vi (be prominently featured in the news)  (estar na primeira página do jornal)chegar às manchetes, virar notícia loc v int
 The Governor's career was finished when it hit the headlines that he had used state funds to hire a hooker.
dead on arrival
(dead before reaching hospital)falecido antes de chegar ao hospital loc adj
 He was rushed to the hospital but was dead on arrival.
stalemate vi (reach stalemate)chegar a um impasse loc vt
amount to chegar a
arrive at chegar a
arrive in chegar em
come along chegar,aparecer
  vir também
come close aproximar-se
  chegar perto
come to a conclusion chegar à uma conclusão
come to an agreement chegar a um entendimento
come to nothing chegar a lugar nenhum
  dar em nada
draw a conclusion chegar a uma conclusão
draw to a close chegar ao seu fim
draw to an end chegar ao seu fim
early bird pássaro madrugador
  pessoa com hábito de chegar cedo
get to chegar a
reason out chegar a uma conclusão
thrash out considerar bem
  chegar a uma decisão depois de pensar no assunto
work [sth] out chegar a um acordo
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