chegar a um acordo

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settle vtr (claim: satisfy)  (reclamação: resolver)ajustar, solucionar vt
  chegar a um acordo loc vt
 The insurance company settled all claims from the accident.
settle vtr (quarrel, dispute)  (briga, disputa)resolver vt
  chegar a um acordo loc vt
 They settled their dispute peacefully.
 Eles resolveram a disputa pacificamente.
come to an agreement with vtr (resolve a dispute with)  (resolver disputa)chegar a um acordo
 It was a long hard battle but we finally came to an agreement with each other.
come to an agreement with vtr (agree on [sth] with [sb] )  (de algo com alguém)chegar a um acordo
 I came to an agreement with my ex-wife that I would watch the kids on the weekends.
work [sth] out chegar a um acordo
come to terms v (to reach an agreement)chegar a um acordo loc vt
 The lawyers should negotiate with each other until they come to terms on the matter.
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