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cheio adjfull, filled up adj
 lotadocrowded, packed adj
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full adj (filled)cheio adj
 This box is full. Can you get me another?
 Esta caixa está cheia. Você pode me dar outra?
full adj (abundant) abundantecheio adj
 She had full, thick hair.
full adj (engrossed) presunçosocheio adj
 He's good-looking, but very full of himself.
full adj (baseball: count) beisebol: contagemcheio adj
 With a full count, he tripled to left.
full adj (baseball: men on base) beisebol: cheio adj
 Ortiz always seems to come up with the bags full.
stuffed adj (stomach: full) estômago cheiocheio adj
full adj (complete)completo, cheio adj
 My notebook is full. I should get another one.
full adj (ample)amplo, cheio adj
 She had a very full bosom.
full adv (directly) diretamenteem cheio loc adv
 The car came at us, full on.
full vi (moon: become full) luatornar-se cheio loc vp
 The moon will full tonight.
fair adv UK (directly)diretamente adv
 em cheio loc adv
 Make sure you throw the ball fair to the goalkeeper.
thick adj (full of)cheio, coberto adj
 The woods were thick with bushes.
filled v past p (past participle of fill) particípio de encherenchido, cheio part pas
 I have filled the tank with petrol.
 Estou com o tanque cheio de gasolina./O tanque foi enchido com gasolina.
replete adj (person: full of food) pessoa: de comidacheio, lotado adj
replete adj (filled, stocked)repleto, cheio adj
steamy adj (erotic) eróticocheio de vapor loc adj
 sensual adj
suspenseful adj (full of suspense)cheio de suspense loc adj
loopy adj (having loops)cheio de voltas loc adj
 cheio de curvas loc adj
knotty adj figurative (complicated, difficult) complicadocheio de nós loc adj
overjoyed adj (delighted, joyful)cheio de alegria loc adj
spotty adj UK, informal (having spots, pimples) informalcheio de espinhas loc adj
 pintado adj
weedy adj (full of weeds)cheio de ervas daninhas loc adj
lined adj (face: wrinkled) rostovincado adj
 cheio de linhas loc adj
brimful adj (almost overflowing)cheio até as bordas loc adj
 transbordante adj
roomful n (quantity that can fit in a room) quantidade que cabe num quartoquarto cheio loc sm
needlepoint n (type of embroidery) tipo de bordadoponto cheio loc sm
overfull adj (having eaten too much) comida: cheio demais loc adj
 satisfeito adj
alive with adj (teeming with)cheio de loc adj
 The plaza was alive with all sorts of performers and the people who came to watch.
bursting with adj (full of, packed with)abarrotado, cheio, repleto adj
 When she won the scholarship, her parents were bursting with pride.
full of adj (containing a lot of, having many or much)cheio de loc adj
 I am full of enthusiasm for this project.
full of energy adj (lively, energetic) energético e cheio de vidacheio de energia loc adj
 She was so full of energy that I could hardly keep up with her.
full of enthusiasm adj (very eager) muito ávidocheio de entusiasmo loc adj
 It's good to see our new recruits so full of enthusiasm.
full of hate adj (intensely hostile) muito hostilcheio de ódio loc adj
 She is so full of hate that it has made her psychotic.
full of hatred adj (intensely hostile) muito hostilcheio de ódio loc adj
full of holes adj literal (perforated) perfuradocheio de buracos loc adj
 You're not wearing that jumper, it's full of holes.
full of holes adj figurative (easily disproved) fig, facilmente refutávelcheio de buracos loc adj
 Your theory is ridiculous, and it's absolutely full of holes.
full of hope adj (very optimistic) muito otimista cheio de esperança loc adj
 She is full of hope that they will discover a cure before it is too late.
full of life adj (lively, energetic) energéticocheio de vida loc adj
 He's nearly 80 but still full of life and with an eye for the ladies.
full of meaning adj (deeply symbolic or significant) significante, substancial, importante cheio de significado loc adj
 That song is full of meaning to me.
full of pitfalls adj (hazardous) arriscado, perigosocheio de armadilhas loc adj
 Your strategy has the potential to return a large profit but threatens to be full of pitfalls.
be fed up with vtr (be weary or exasperated by)estar farto de loc vt
 popestar cheio de loc vt
crowded adj (room) cômodocheio, lotado adj
flush adv (hit, punch)diretamente adv
 em cheio loc adv
packed adj (full of) cheio deabarrotado,cheio adj
plump adj (round-shaped)roliço, cheio adj
full of promise cheio de promessa
hit the nail on the head acertar em cheio
in a sweat preocupado
 cheio de medo ou ansiedade
on Easy Street estar cheio da grana
pissed off de saco cheio
riddled with cheio de
 infestado de
sick and tired de saco cheio
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