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chupar vtsuck vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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French vtr vulgar, slang (perform oral sex on)  (vulgar, sexo oral)chupar vt
 She Frenched him last night.
suck [sb]
suck [sb] off
vulgar, slang (perform fellatio on)  (vulgar, felação)chupar vt
 Did you get her to suck you last night?
suck [sth]
suck on [sth]
(dissolve by sucking)  (revolver na boca)chupar vt
 He sucked on the candy for a long time.
 Ele chupou a bala por muito tempo.
suck [sth]
(take up through suction with mouth)  (sucção pela boca)chupar, sorver vt
  sugar vt
   (leite ou qualquer coisa)mamar vt
 The shake was too thick to suck through a straw.
 O milk-shake estava muito grosso para chupá-lo (or: sorvê-lo) pelo canudo.
 * O bebê sugava o leite da mamadeira.
 * Estava sempre mamando seu cachimbo.
suck [sth]
(thumb: put in mouth)  (dedo na boca)chupar, sugar vt
 Babies often suck their thumbs.
suck vtr (drink: blood)  (sangue)chupar, sugar vt
 Vampires suck blood.
digit-sucking n (habit: sucking one's thumb or fingers)  (hábito)chupar o dedo loc vt
 Parents try to stop their children from digit-sucking because it can be harmful for their teeth.
suck off felação
   (vulgar)chupar, mamar
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