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chuva sfrain nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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rain n (weather: event)chuva sf
 It looks like rain today.
rain n (weather: substance)chuva sf
 The rain is falling hard.
rain n (rain shower)  (chuvarada)chuva sf
 Get out of the rain!
 Saia da chuva!
rain n (falling)  (queda)chuva sf
 In autumn, the forest is a rain of leaves.
rain n (falling liquid)chuva sf
 The airport crew sprayed a rain of glycol antifreeze on the wings.
wet n UK, informal (rainy weather)chuva sf
 You shouldn't go out in the wet without a coat.
stand n (for umbrellas)  (para sombrinhas)porta guarda-chuva loc sm
 Many stores have an umbrella stand.
rain n (large quantity)  (grande quantidade)chuvarada, chuva sf
 She had to listen to a rain of insults before she could leave the room.
waterproof n (raincoat)capa de chuva loc sf
  sobretudo sm
raincoat n (waterproof coat)capa de chuva loc sf
bigwig n slang (very important person)  (gíria)manda-chuva sm
  figurão sm
rainwater n (fallen rain)água de chuva loc sf
hailstorm n (outburst of hail)chuva de granizo loc f
hotshot n slang ([sb] high-flying, successful)  (gíria)figurão, manda-chuva sm
   (gíria)espertalhão sm
brolly n UK, informal (umbrella)sombrinha sf
  guarda-chuva sm
mackintosh n (plastic raincoat)capa de chuva loc sf
rainmaker n literal (Native American shaman)  (índio-pajé norteamericano)causador de chuva loc sm
come rain or shine adv literal (whatever the weather)  (literal - qualquer tempo)faça chuva ou faça sol
 Come rain or shine, we are going to beach tomorrow!
come rain or shine adv figurative (whatever happens)  (fig, qualquer coisa que aconteça)faça chuva ou faça sol
 Come rain or shine, I will never abandon you.
freezing rain n (rain that freezes solid on the ground)chuva congelante loc sf
 Freezing rain makes both walking and driving hazardous.
heavy rain n (torrential rainfall)chuva pesada, forte loc sf
 Heavy rain is forecast for the next few days, and there is a risk of severe flooding.
acid rain n (pollution falling from sky)chuva ácida loc sf
 A lot of statues have been ruined due to acid rain breaking down the stone.
godfather n (for mafia)  (de uma máfia)chefão sm
  manda-chuva sm
umbrella n (for rain)guarda-chuva sm
  sombrinha sf
umbrella n (for sun)guarda-chuva, guarda-sol sm
  sombrinha sf
big boss chefão, figurão sm
  manda-chuva smf
right as rain tão bem-vindo como a chuva
  em ordem ou com saúde
  absolutamente correto
trench coat capa de chuva
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