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cirurgia sfsurgery nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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surgery n (medicine: operation)  (operação médica)cirurgia sf
facelift n (cosmetic surgery to face)cirurgia plástica facial loc sf
brain surgery n (surgical operation on the brain)cirurgia cerebral loc sf
 Brain surgery usually means drilling through the skull first.
brain surgery n figurative (something very difficult or complex)cirurgia cerebral loc sf
 Come on! It's not like this is brain surgery! Just diagram the sentence.
cosmetic surgery n (surgical procedures to correct appearance)cirurgia estética loc sf
dental surgery n (surgical procedure carried out by dentist)cirurgia dentária
 His teeth were so bad that he had to go into hospital for dental surgery.
(surgical procedure to tighten facial skin)cirurgia plástica facial loc sf
 Mary looked fantastic after her facelift.
heart surgery n (operation to treat cardiac problems)cirurgia cardíaca loc sf
 His only hope to survive was heart surgery.
operating adj (surgery)  (cirurgia)relativo à cirurgia loc adj
surgery n (room for surgery)sala de cirurgia loc sf
major surgery cirurgia séria, complicada
nip and tuck cirurgia plástica
open-heart surgery cirurgia de coração
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