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colheita harvest, harvest time, profit, gain
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harvest time n (season when crops are gathered)  (época da colheita)colheita sf
 When harvest time is over, the farm workers have a big celebration.
harvest n (farming)  (agricultura)colheita sf
picking n (act of picking)colheita sf
   (gíria)furto sm
crop n (farming)safra, colheita sf
 Grandmother's farm always bore crops of corn and tomatoes.
 A fazenda da vovó sempre produziu safra (or: colheita) de milho e tomates.
crop n (farming yield)safra, colheita sf
 This year's corn crop was poor after the torrential summer rains.
bumper crop n (large harvest)colheita abundante loc sf
 I have a bumper crop of rabbits this year; I would have preferred the lettuces I planted!
fruit picking n (picking fruit from the plant or tree)  (da planta ou do pé)colheita de frutas loc sf
 Picking blueberries is safe because they grow on bushes; other types of fruit picking may be more dangerous if they require ladders.
grape harvest n (gathering of ripe grapes from the vine)colheita de uvas loc sf
 This year's grape harvest has been significantly hit by the poor summer weather.
harvest bin n (container for harvested crops)  (recipiente para colher, ceifar)cesto de colheita loc sm
 Soon the harvest bin was overflowing with fruit.
harvest festival n (religious celebration of crops gathered)festa de colheita loc sf
 When celebrating the harvest festival, it's traditional to offer a small part of the harvest as a gift.
harvest home n (celebration of the end of the harvest)festa da colheita loc sf
 Harvest home is one of the great traditions of the agricultural cycle.
apple picking n (harvesting of apples from orchard)colheita de maçã loc sf
 The county population doubles during apple picking season when the pickers come to town.
crop failure n (poor agricultural harvest )perda da colheita loc sf
 Widespread drought in India has increased the risk of crop failure this year.
crop yield n (agricultural output)rendimento da colheita loc sm
current crop n literal (most recent harvest)colheita recente loc sf
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