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colocar vtput, place, set vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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place vtr (put person in situation)colocar vt
 His action placed her in danger.
place vtr (for adoption)  (para adoção)colocar vt
 The child was placed with a family in another city.
place vtr (rank)  (classificar)colocar vt
 I would place him in the top ten players of all time.
place vtr (situate)colocar vt
 She placed vases of flowers in the dining room.
place vtr (arrange)  (arrumar)colocar vt
  organizar vt
 Place the books in chronological order.
place vtr (in a school, institution)  (matricular)colocar vt
 They placed her in one of the country's finest schools.
place vtr (employment)  (emprego)colocar vt
  empregar vt
 The job agency placed him almost immediately.
place vtr (appoint)  (nomear)colocar vt
 They placed him as head of the new sales team.
place vtr (sports)  (esportes)colocar vt
 He placed the ball in the upper right corner of the net.
put vtr figurative (place)  (figurativo: colocar)colocar vt
  pôr vt
 He put all his affairs in order before leaving for Australia.
 Ele colocou tudo em ordem antes de partir para a Austrália.
put vtr (place in the custody of)colocar vt
 The social workers put the child with a foster family.
rest [sth]
(place)colocar vt
 Rest the statue carefully on its stand.
pack vtr (car)  (malas: num carro)colocar vt
   (malas: num carro)acondicionar vt
 I need to pack the suitcases in the car before we go.
seat vtr (to place)colocar vt
  assentar vt
 Hal seated the gun firmly in its case.
slip into,
slip out of
(clothing: take on or off)  (roupa)colocar vt
 Just slip into something more comfortable.
collocate [sth]
(put or bring together)  (arranjar, dispor juntos)colocar vt
place vtr (put)colocar, pôr vt
 He placed the book on the shelf.
 Ele colocou o livro na estante.
set vtr (place, locate)  (pôr, localizar)colocar, botar vt
  pôr vt
 He set the glass on the edge of the table.
 Ele colocou (or: botou) o copo na beira da mesa.
check vtr (chess)colocar em xeque loc vt
 In two moves, Kasparov will check the challenger.
put vtr (apply)colocar, pôr vt
 You should put your language skills to use in translating or interpreting.
put vtr (make)colocar, pôr vt
 Let's put an end to this argument.
ground vtr (deny social activity as punishment)castigar vt
  colocar de castigo loc verb
 His parents grounded him for two weeks.
post vtr (cover with posters)colocar pôster loc vt
   (cartazes, etc) colar vt
 The boys posted the fence with concert advertisements.
ring vtr (noses of livestock)  (no nariz do gado)colocar anéis loc vt
 The farmer ringed his cattle so that they could be led.
ring vtr (birds)  (pássaros)colocar anéis loc vt
 The birds were ringed so that they could be identified later.
bold vtr (typography: thick)  (tipografia)colocar em negrito loc vt
   (neologismo)negritar vt
 He bolded the important words for emphasis.
 Ele colocou as palavras importantes em negrito para ênfase.
 Ele negritou as palavras importantes para ênfase.
collect vtr figurative (thoughts)  (pensamentos)colocar em ordem loc vt
 He collected his thoughts before he started speaking.
hang vtr (suspend from a fixed point)  (suspender em um ponto fixo)pendurar vt
   (prender, colocar em um lugar alto)colocar, prender vt
   (colocar, prender)pendurar vt
 Let's hang that plant from a hook in the ceiling.
 Vamos pendurar esta planta em um gancho no teto.
  Coloquei (or: prendi) a roupa no armário.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
  Gosta de pendurar enfeites infantis no celular.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
pack vtr (wrap up)emalar vt
  colocar na mala loc vt
 Pack everything in a duffel bag.
spot vtr (to place)instalar, colocar, pôr vt
 The mobile phone mast was controversially spotted near the school.
spot vtr (sports: place)  (esporte)colocar, pôr vt
 The referee spotted the ball too close to the goal after the penalty.
station vtr (to place)posicionar, colocar vt
 The coach stationed his players around the practice field.
 O técnico posicionou seus jogadores em volta do campo de treinamento.
disadvantage vtr (put at a disadvantage)colocar em situação desvantajosa loc vt
  causar prejuízo loc vt
escrow vtr (law: place in escrow)  (legal)colocar sob custódia loc vt
fumble vtr (sport: drop the ball)  (esporte: deixar cair a bola)atrapalhar-se, descuidar-se vp
   (expressão)colocar de lado loc vt
indenture vtr (contract to serve)contratar vt
  colocar em aprendizado loc vt
capitalize vtr (put in uppercase letters)  (letras maiúsculas)colocar maiúsculas loc vt
boldface vtr (font: make bold)  (fonte)colocar em negrito loc vt
dollop vtr informal (put a blob of)colocar um bocado loc vt
dateline vtr (news: provide dateline)colocar linha da data loc vt
UK: accessorise
(wear accessories)usar, colocar acessórios loc v int
apply pressure v literal (press firmly)  (apertar firmemente)colocar força loc vt
 Applying pressure to the cut will stop the bleeding.
block up vtr (clog, obstruct)  (bloquear)colocar obstáculo
 The phlegm blocked up my throat so I couldn't breath without coughing.
bone up on vtr slang (revise one's knowledge of )  (atualizar conhecimento)pôr, colocar em dia
booby trap vtr (fit with a booby trap)colocar armadilhas
coin slot n (narrow opening for inserting a coin)abertura para colocar moedas loc sf
 Although I inserted my quarters into the coin slot, the chips won't come out of the vending machine.
come forward vi figurative (indicate willingness to undertake a task)  (figurativo)voluntariar-se, colocar-se à disposição vp
 When they requested volunteers I came forward since I had nothing better to do.
cut to pieces vtr figurative (verbally attack and belittle, slander)  (atacar verbalmente)colocar abaixo, destroçar
 She used her sharp tongue to cut everybody to pieces.
get in the way vi (be an obstacle)  (ser um obstáculo )interpor-se vp
  colocar-se entre; meter-se de permeio loc vp
 I couldn't see much of the parade because a tall fat man got in the way.
lay the foundation v figurative (do preparatory work)  (fig. - trabalho inicial)colocar a fundação loc vt
 The research from my dissertation laid the foundation for my first book.
make louder vtr (sound: amplify)  (som: aumentar, amplificar)colocar, pôr mais alto loc vt
 You can make the music louder by turning this knob.
move forward vtr (place closer to the front)colocar na frente loc vt
  mover para frente loc vt
 In order to rotate the stock, move the old product forward and put the new product behind it on the shelf.
carpet vtr (lay carpet)colocar carpete vt
dot vtr (on letter: i)  (na letra i)colocar o pingo loc vt
   (a letra i)pingar vt
microwave vtr (cook)  (cozinhar)colocar no microondas loc vt
add fuel to the fire piorar uma situação ruim
  colocar brasa na fogueira
call sthg into question colocar algo em dúvida
ease in colocar com cuidado
get cracking at [sth] colocar mãos à obra
lay a hand on [sb] colocar as mãos em alguém
put an end to colocar um fim em
put at risk colocar em risco
put in order colocar em ordem
put the bit in a horse's mouth colocar um freio à boca
set in order arrumar
  colocar em ordem
square off   (como numa luta de boxe)colocar-se em posição de defesa
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