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Traduções principais
colocar vtput, place, set vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
try [sth] on v (clothing: put [sth] on to assess it) (roupa: vestir para ver como fica)experimentar vt
  provar vt
  colocar vt
screw [sth] back on v expr (twist back into place)enroscar vt
  rosquear vt
  colocar vt
 Don't forget to screw the top of the toothpaste tube back on.
make louder vtr (sound: amplify) (som: aumentar, amplificar)colocar, pôr mais alto loc vt
 You can make the music louder by turning this knob.
slip into [sth] vtr phrasal insep (put on: clothing) (figurado, roupa)colocar vt
  vestir vt
  botar vt
 Give me a minute to get out of my work clothes and slip into something more comfortable.
put into vtr phrasal sep (insert or place in) (inserir ou colocar em)inserir vt
  colocar vt
 To start the car, put the keys into the ignition.
put on vtr phrasal sep (wear: clothing) (usar: roupas)vestir vt
  colocar vt
 She put on a pretty dress to wear to the party.
set [sth] down,
set down [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(place, put on a surface)depositar vt
  colocar vt
 She set down the book on a nearby table.
slip [sth] on,
slip on [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
informal (clothing: put on quickly) (vestimenta: vestir-se rapidamente)vestir vt
  colocar vt
 I dashed upstairs to slip on something less formal.
put vtr figurative (place) (figurativo: colocar)colocar vt
  pôr vt
 He put all his affairs in order before leaving for Australia.
 Ele colocou tudo em ordem antes de partir para a Austrália.
station vtr (to place)posicionar, colocar vt
 The coach stationed his players around the practice field.
 O técnico posicionou seus jogadores em volta do campo de treinamento.
slip over vtr phrasal insep (fit easily onto) (vestir facilmente em)colocar vt
  vestir vt
 The glove slipped easily over his hand.
pop in vtr phrasal sep informal (insert, put inside) (inserir, colocar)colocar vt
  (inf.)enfiar vt
 I popped my note into an envelope and mailed it off.
set [sth] down,
set down [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(put in writing)registrar vt
  colocar vt
 If you set your thoughts down on paper first, it helps you to think about things more clearly.
spray [sth] vtr (apply as a fine mist) (desodorante, com spray)colocar vt
  aplicar vt
 Liam sprayed deodorant under his arms.
spray [sth/sb] with [sth] vtr (apply a fine mist to) (com spray)colocar vt
  aplicar vt
 Patrick sprayed the table with polish.
spray [sth] on [sth/sb],
spray [sth] onto [sth/sb]
(apply a fine mist) (com spray)aplicar vt
  colocar vt
 Helen sprayed the cleaning product on the windows.
Traduções complementares
place [sb] in [sth] vtr (put person in situation) (colocar alguém numa situação)colocar vt
 His action placed her in danger.
 A ação dele a colocou em perigo.
place [sb] vtr (for adoption) (para adoção)colocar vt
 The child was placed with a family in another city.
 A criança foi colocada para adoção para uma família em outra cidade.
place [sb] vtr (rank) (classificar)colocar vt
 I would place him in the top ten players of all time.
 Eu o colocaria entre os dez melhores jogadores de todos os tempos.
place [sth] vtr (situate) (situar, posicionar)colocar vt
 She placed vases of flowers in the dining room.
 Ela colocou vasos de flores na sala de estar.
place [sb] vtr (in a school, institution) (matricular)colocar vt
 They placed her in one of the country's finest schools.
 Eles a colocaram numa das melhores escolas do país.
place [sb] vtr (employment) (emprego)empregar vt
  colocar vt
 The job agency placed him almost immediately.
 A agência de empregos o empregou quase imediatamente.
place [sb] in [sth],
place [sb] as [sth]
(appoint) (nomear)colocar vt
 They placed him as head of the new sales team.
 Eles o colocaram como o chefe da nova equipe de vendas.
place [sth] vtr (sport: kick or hit ball) (esportes: chutar ou bater na bola)posicionar vt
 He placed the ball in the upper right corner of the net.
 Ele posicionou a bola no canto superior direito da rede.
take [sth] vtr (use for flavour) (utilizar para dar sabor)usar, colocar vt
 I take two sugars in my coffee.
put vtr (place in the custody of)colocar vt
 The social workers put the child with a foster family.
put vtr (apply)colocar, pôr vt
 You should put your language skills to use in translating or interpreting.
put vtr (make)colocar, pôr vt
 Let's put an end to this argument.
rest [sth]
(place)colocar vt
 Rest the statue carefully on its stand.
lay vtr (prepare the table) (preparar a mesa)pôr vt
  botar vt
  colocar vt
 Can you please lay the table for us?
spot vtr (to place)instalar, colocar, pôr vt
 The mobile phone mast was controversially spotted near the school.
spot vtr (sports: place) (esporte)colocar, pôr vt
 The referee spotted the ball too close to the goal after the penalty.
pack vtr (car) (malas: num carro)colocar vt
  (malas: num carro)acondicionar vt
 I need to pack the suitcases in the car before we go.
seat vtr (to place)colocar vt
  assentar vt
 Hal seated the gun firmly in its case.
hump [sth] vtr (heave)colocar vt
  erguer vt
 The worker humped the box into the back of the truck.
dump [sth] vtr (drop, let fall)colocar vt
  largar, soltar vt
  (figurado)jogar vt
 Just dump those papers on my desk. Dump that topsoil over here.
poke [sth] into [sth] vtr + prep (thrust, put)enfiar vt
  colocar vt
 Poke this into your pocket so no one sees it.
set [sb/sth] to [sth],
set [sb/sth] on [sth]
vtr + prep
(apply, start)colocar vt
 The boss set his employees to work on the project. The hunters set the dogs on the scent.
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Formas compostas:
block [sth] up vtr phrasal sep (obstruct) (bloquear)colocar obstáculo loc vt
 He had blocked up the exit so we couldn't leave.
 Ele tinha colocado obstáculos à porta para impedir a nossa saída.
bold [sth] vtr (put in bold type) (tipografia)colocar em negrito loc vt
  (neologismo)negritar vt
 He bolded the important words for emphasis.
 Ele colocou as palavras importantes em negrito para ênfase.
 Ele negritou as palavras importantes para dar ênfase.
boldface vtr (font: make bold) (fonte)colocar em negrito loc vt
booby-trap [sth] vtr (fit with a trap)colocar armadilhas
coin slot n (narrow opening for inserting a coin)abertura para colocar moedas loc sf
 Although I inserted my quarters into the coin slot, the chips won't come out of the vending machine.
come forward vi phrasal figurative (volunteer)voluntariar-se, colocar-se à disposição vp
 When they requested volunteers I came forward since I had nothing better to do.
cut [sb] to pieces v expr figurative (upset) (atacar verbalmente)destroçar vt
  colocar para baixo loc vt
 She cut me to pieces with her cruel remarks.
 Ela me destroçou com seus comentários cruéis.
dateline [sth] vtr (news: provide with a dateline) (notícia)colocar na linha do tempo loc vt
escrow vtr (law: place in escrow) (legal)colocar sob custódia loc vt
get in the way vi (be an obstacle) (ser um obstáculo)interpor-se vp
  colocar-se entre; meter-se de permeio loc vp
 I couldn't see much of the parade because a tall fat man got in the way.
indenture vtr (contract to serve)contratar vt
  colocar em aprendizado loc vt
juxtapose [sth] with [sth] vtr + prep (place side by side)justapor vt
  colocar lado a lado expres
 The x-ray juxtaposed the left view of the lung with the right.
lay the foundation v figurative (do preparatory work) (fig. - trabalho inicial)colocar a fundação loc vt
 The research from my dissertation laid the foundation for my first book.
margin [sth] vtr (add a margin)colocar margem, pôr margem loc verb
 The word processor automatically margins the page.
move forward vtr (place closer to the front)colocar na frente loc vt
  mover para frente loc vt
 In order to rotate the stock, move the old product forward and put the new product behind it on the shelf.
mute [sth] vtr (TV: turn off the sound)colocar no mudo loc vt
  desligar o som loc vt
  tirar o som loc vt
 Please mute the TV while your father is talking.
pack vtr (wrap up)emalar vt
  colocar na mala loc vt
 Pack everything in a duffel bag.
play again vtr (recorded music: put on again) (música gravada: colocar de novo)tocar de novo loc v int
  (repetir)tocar a mesma música loc v int
  colocar a mesma música vt
 Even though the CD is really old, the kids want to play it again and again.
play off vtr phrasal sep (set against: [sth] else) (colocar uma pessoa contra outra)colocar contra loc vt
  (a favor de seus próprios interesses)jogar com loc vt
  jogar contra vt
 The capricious girl played off one suitor against the other.
put in danger vtr (risk the life of) (arriscar a vida de)colocar em perigo loc vt
  pôr em risco loc vt
  arriscar vt
 He's putting his own life in danger by driving so recklessly.
put in danger vtr (risk the security of) (colocar em risco a segurança de)colocar em perigo loc vt
  pôr em risco loc vt
  arriscar vt
 The success of the project has been put in danger by the recent economic downturn.
put in jail vtr (imprison) (aprisionar)colocar na cadeia loc vt
  prender vt
put in jeopardy vtr (endanger) (arriscar)arriscar vt
  pôr em risco loc vt
  colocar em risco loc vt
 The politician put his career in jeopardy by having an affair.
put in motion vtr (initiate, set off) (iniciar)colocar em ação loc vt
  pôr em movimento loc vt
 Just say the word and the plan will be put in motion.
put in operation vtr (initiate, set off) (iniciar)colocar em operação loc vt
  pôr em operação loc vt
 It was time to put the plan in operation.
put into place vtr (position correctly) (posicionar corretamente)colocar no lugar loc vt
put into words vtr (express in language) (expressar no idioma)verbalizar vt
  colocar em palavras loc vt
 I cannot put into words the debt I owe my parents for all their support.
put money in v (deposit a sum: in a bank) (depositar uma quantia em banco)colocar dinheiro em loc vt
  (dinheiro: num banco)depositar vt
 Make sure you put money in before the end of the month.
put on the agenda vtr (intend to discuss) (pretender discutir)agendar vt
  colocar na agenda loc vt
 What should we put on the agenda for our meeting this afternoon?
put out to pasture vtr literal (cattle: leave to graze) (gado: deixar pastar)colocar para pastar loc vt
 Let's wait until the weather warms up before we put the herd out to pasture.
put pressure on vtr literal (apply force to) (aplicar força em)colocar pressão sobre loc vt
  pressionar vt
 Put pressure on the cut to stop the bleeding.
put pressure on vtr figurative (compel, coerce) (compelir, forçar)colocar pressão sobre loc vt
  pressionar vt
 The mayor put pressure on the police to drop the case.
put to one side vtr figurative (save) (reservar)colocar de lado loc vt
  guardar vt
 I'll put it to one side and eat it later.
put to one side vtr literal (place to the side) (colocar de lado)deixar de lado loc vt
  deixar à parte loc vt
  colocar de lado loc vt
 Put the cake to one side and start making the icing.
put topspin on vtr (ball sports: cause forward rotation of) (esportes de bola: fazer rolar para frente)dar efeito em loc vt
  colocar efeito em loc vt
put two and two together v figurative, informal (deduce [sth](deduzir algo)somar dois mais dois loc v int
  (deduzir)colocar os pingos nos is loc v int
 I think you can figure out who sent you the Valentine's Day card: just put two and two together!
put up for auction vtr (offer for sale at auction) (ofertar para venda em leilão)colocar em oferta loc vt
  colocar em leilão loc vt
 We put our house up for auction, but we didn't get nearly as much as we'd hoped for.
put up the money vtr informal (make a financial offer) (fazer uma oferta financeira)fazer uma oferta loc vt
  colocar dinheiro em loc vt
 I was ready to put up the money, but the seller withdrew at the last minute.
put your clothes on v (get dressed) (vestir-se)colocar as roupas loc v int
  vestir-se vp
 What are you kids doing in that bed? Put your clothes on!
shelve [sth] vtr (fit [sth] with shelves)colocar prateleiras em loc verb + prep
 We're going to shelve this recess to give us more storage space.
star vtr (set with stars)colocar estrelas loc vt
 The students starred their art projects.
think the world of vtr informal (adore or admire greatly) (adorar ou admirar grandemente)colocar num pedestal loc vt
 He thinks the world of his children.
track [sb] vtr US (education: stream)colocar em monitoramento loc vt
  (para acompanhamento)separar vt
 He was tracked into the accelerated learning programme.
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