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combinar vt  (juntar)combine vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
   (harmonizar)match vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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match vtr (go with harmoniously)  (harmonizar)combinar vt
 You did a good job getting all the decorations of this room to match so well.
 Você fez um bom trabalho conseguindo que toda a decoração deste cômodo combinasse tão bem.
match vtr (clothing, designs)  (roupa, designs)combinar vt
  ajustar vt
 Do my shoes match my shirt?
match vi (clothing, designs)  (roupa, designs)combinar v int
 Do my clothes match?
 Minha roupa está combinando?
belong vi (go well with)combinar v int
 Greens and pinks belong together in this decorating plan.
settle vi (arrange)  (arranjar)arrumar, decidir v int
  combinar v int
 Tomorrow at 2pm. That's settled then!
go with v (clothes, colours: look well with)  (roupas, cores)combinar vt
 These shoes go with that handbag.
blend vi (match together)combinar vt
mingle vtr (combine, mix)  (combinar, misturar)combinar vt
marry vtr figurative (join together)  (reunir)casar, combinar vt
 The band's music marries rock and jazz.
marry vi figurative (be compatible with)  (reunir por afinidade)casar, combinar vt
   (estar em relação de harmonia)ajustar, acomodar vt
 Let me see if I can marry these cups to some matching plates.
match vtr (join things that correspond)  (unir os que correspondem)combinar, unir vt
  emparelhar vt
 In this game, you need to match each card with another card with the same design.
 Neste jogo, você tem que combinar (or: unir) as cartas com o mesmo desenho.
  O exercício pedia que se emparelhassem as perguntas com suas devidas respostas.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
match vtr (correspond to)corresponder, combinar vt
  ajustar-se v pron
 This key matches this lock.
arrange vtr (reach agreement or understanding)concordar, combinar vt
 The two sides arranged a deal.
meld vtr (blend, merge)misturar, mesclar, combinar vt
  unir vt
prearrange vtr (organize in advance)  (organizar com antecedência)combinar de antemão loc vt
  pré-arranjar vt
clash with vtr (colours: to look unattractive together)  (cores: conflitantes)não combinar com loc vt
 The sweater and skirt are beautiful, but I think the pink clashes with the orange.
harmonize with vtr (colour: go well with)  (cor:)combinar com, harmonizar com loc vt
 The blue and purple flowers in the display harmonize with the silvery foliage.
make a match v (pair [sth] with [sth] similar)combinar, unir vt
 I'm trying to find two socks that make a match, but they all seem to be odd ones.
merge in vi (join, be combined)juntar, combinar v int
merge into vtr (join or combine to become)juntar, combinar em loc vt
 These two rivers merge into each other to become one, about twenty miles from the coast.
mix together vtr (combine, blend)misturar, combinar vt
 If you mix blue and red together, you get purple.
mix together vtr (blend by stirring)misturar, combinar vt
 Mix together the flour, egg and milk until you have a smooth paste.
mix together with vtr (blend with)misturar com, combinar com vt
mix with vtr (combine or blend with)misturar com, combinar com vt
combine to vtr phrasal insep (bring about jointly)juntar-se para loc vp
  combinar-se para loc vp
clash vi (colours)não combinar loc vt
combine vtr (add together)combinar, juntar, unir vt
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