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comida sffood nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  meal nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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food n (type, classification)comida sf
 I like Mexican food.
food n (excluding drinks)comida sf
  (gíria)rango sm
 I'll bring the food if you bring the drink.
 Eu trarei a comida se trouxeres a bebida.
 Eu trarei o rango se trouxeres a bebida.
feed n colloquial (a meal)comida sf
  sustento sm
 I have to give the kids their feed, then we have to go to the pool.
cooking n (manner of preparing food)comida sf
 She misses her mother's cooking.
food n (sustenance for life)comida sf
  alimento sm
 Plants make food in their leaves and send it to their roots.
fare n (food and drink)comida sf
  tratamento sm
groceries n (food from store) (comida do supermercado)mantimentos sm pl
  comida sf
  gêneros alimentícios loc sm pl
safe n (storage structure)guarda-comida sm
 People used to store food in a meat safe.
mess n (military: meal) (militar)refeição, comida sm
 You have thirty minutes to get your mess and return to the barracks.
cud n (cow, etc.: regurgitated food) (boi, etc)comida regurgitada loc sf
carryout n (takeaway food)comida para viagem loc sf
  (bras.)quentinha sf
(food to be eaten off premises)comida para viagem loc sf
kibble n (ground pet food)comida canina loc sf
canned food n (processed food in tins)comida enlatada loc sf
 Please place plenty of bottled water and canned food in the cellar.
canning process n (process of putting food in tins)processo de enlatar comida
carry out,
informal (food: prepared food to be taken away)comida para viagem loc sf
convenience food n (pre-packaged food products)comida pronta loc sf
 He was a typical student in that he would always eat convenience food instead of cooking.
fresh food n (unprocessed food produce) (comida não processada)comida fresca loc sf
frozen food section n (freezer aisle in supermarket) (num supermercado)seção de comida congelada loc sf
 If you can't find fresh turnips in the produce section, try the frozen food section.
frozen foods npl (food products stored in a freezer)comida congelada loc sf
 Frozen foods don't last forever; they should be used within a certain period of time.
good flavour n (food: rich taste) (comida: )comida gostosa loc sf
 This ice cream has a good flavour.
healthy meal n (nutritionally-balanced meal)refeição, comida saudável loc sf
 Although tasty, fast food cannot be considered a healthy meal.
heavy meal n (large or rich meal that is hard to digest)comida pesada loc sf
 That heavy meal kept me up all night with indigestion.
cater for vtr phrasal insep figurative (serve, provide food for) (fornecer serviços alimentares)prover comida para loc vt
  fornecer bufês loc vt
 My mother used to cater for weddings.
fast food n (quick-service junk food)comida rápida loc sf
 Fast food is delicious but not nutritious.
all-you-can-eat adj (restaurant buffet: unlimited) (restaur: bufê ilimitado)comida a quilo loc sf
 At the all-you-can-eat restaurant he stuffed himself with cheap food.
catering truck n (lorry carrying meals)caminhão de entrega de comida loc sm
comfort food n (home cooking or treats)comida caseira loc sf
  comida de consolo loc sf
 The comfort food at the restaurant was just like mom's home cooking.
complimentary food and drink n (free refreshments)comida e bebida gratuitas loc sf
  (pop)boca livre loc sf
eat like a bird vi (consume little or in small amounts)comer igual um passarinho loc v int
  bicar a comida loc v int
 No wonder she's so skinny, she eats like a bird!
food to go n US (take-away food)comida para entrega loc sf
bird food comida de passarinho
health food comida saudável
hearty meal comida substanciosa
junk food junk food
  porcaria (comida)
pet food comida de animal, ração
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