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conhecimento smknowledge, understanding nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (de carga)bill of lading nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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knowledge n (information)  (informação)conhecimento sm
  dados sm pl
 This book has a lot of knowledge in it. You should study it thoroughly.
knowledge n (of a fact)  (de um fato)conhecimento sm
 She kept her knowledge of the love affair a secret from her husband.
 Ela manteve como segredo do seu marido o conhecimento do caso de amor.
knowledge n (understanding)  (entendimento)conhecimento sm
 The psychologist had a deep knowledge of human nature.
 O psicólogo tinha um conhecimento profundo sobre a natureza humana.
knowledge n (book knowledge)  (erudição)conhecimento sm
 He has a lot of knowledge about the subject, but little practical experience.
knowledge n (familiarity)  (familiaridade)conhecimento sm
 Nobody had better knowledge of the area roads than he did.
knowledge n (body of fact)  (conjunto de dados)conhecimento sm
  informação sf
 We have much more knowledge about sleep disorders today than ever before.
understanding n (knowledge)conhecimento sm
 Most people's understanding of other countries is limited.
 O conhecimento da maioria das pessoas sobre outros países é limitado.
awareness n (knowledge)conhecimento sm
 Her awareness of accounting rules made her a great accountant.
insight n (knowledge, understanding)conhecimento sm
 Do you have any insight into the company's direction?
waybill n (document: shipment details)  (documento de mercadorias embarcadas)guia sf
   (documento de embarque)conhecimento sm
understand vtr (limit of knowledge)  (ficar sabendo)ouvir, saber vt
  tomar conhecimento loc vt
 I understand that you hate her. Is this true?
bill n (bill of lading)conhecimento de embarque loc sm
   (transporte marítimo)conhecimento de carga loc sm
 The bill of lading listed all the contents of the shipment.
trivia n (general knowledge)conhecimento geral loc sm
cognizance n (awareness)  (consciência )conhecimento, discernimento sm
  cognição sf
cognizance n (extent of understanding)conhecimento, entendimento sm
unbeknownst adv (without [sb]'s knowledge)  (desconhecido)sem conhecimento advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
acquisition of knowledge n (learning)  (aprendizagem)aquisição de conhecimento loc sf
body of knowledge n (everything known about a topic)acúmulo de conhecimento
 The geologist made a discovery that significantly contributed to the body of human knowledge.
book knowledge n (theory)  (teoria)conhecimento acadêmico loc sm
common knowledge n ([sth] that most people know)conhecimento geral loc sm
 It was common knowledge among the staff that Bill had a drinking problem.
 Though Galileo was persecuted for saying this in the 17th century, it is now common knowledge that the earth orbits around the sun.
commonly known adj (fact: known by most people)  (fato: bem conhecido)de conhecimento geral loc adj
 It's commonly known that babies cry when they are hungry.
commonly known adj (person: familiar to most people)  (pessoa: bem conhecida)de conhecimento geral loc adj
  famosa adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 Major actors and politicians are commonly known figures.
encyclopaedic knowledge
encyclopedic knowledge
(extensive or comprehensive knowledge)  (conhecimento abrangente)conhecimento enciclopédico loc sm
have knowledge of vtr (be experienced in)  (saber, conhecer)ter conhecimento de loc vt
 I have knowledge of many programming languages, gained through a lifetime of working in Information Technology.
intuitive knowledge n (innate grasp or understanding)conhecimento intuitivo
 Some women appear to have an intuitive knowledge of how to care for a newborn child.
 She is very good with animals and seems to have an intuitive knowledge of their needs.
be familiar with vtr (know, be aware of)ter conhecimento de loc vt
  estar familiarizado com loc vt
 I couldn't answer his question because I wasn't familiar with the topic.
be fully conversant with [sth] v (have complete working knowledge of [sth])ter conhecimento pleno em loc vt
  entender muito de
 He is fully conversant with several programming languages, so he should find a job easily.
cognitive understanding n (empirical and intellectual interpretation)conhecimento cognitivo loc sm
differential knowledge n (differing experience of [sth])conhecimento diferencial loc sm
bill of lading conhecimento de embarque
  comprovante de carga
carnal knowledge relação sexual
  conhecimento carnal
gain knowledge ganhar conhecimento
have a good knowledge of ter um bom conhecimento de
have a thorough knowledge of ter um conhecimento cabal
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