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consciência sfconscience, consciousness nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  perception, awareness nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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awareness n (cognizance)percepção, noção sf
   (moral)consciência sf
 His awareness of the positions of his fellow players made him a great basketball player.
 Sua percepção (or: noção) das posições dos companheiros de time fazia dele um grande jogador de basquete.
  Ele tem consciência de seus erros graves.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
conscientiousness n (attention to detail)  (atenção a detalhes)consciência sf
conscientiousness n (diligence)  (diligência)consciência sf
  escrúpulo sm
conscience n (morals)consciência sf
consciousness n (being awake)consciência sf
civic-mindedness n (sense of public responsibility)consciência dos deveres cívicos loc sf
 The low voter turn-out shows a lack of civic-mindedness in the population.
class consciousness n (awareness of social differences)consciência de classe loc sf
class conscious
(aware of social differences)com consciência de classe loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before a noun
 So class conscious was Bunter that he never could bring himself to smoke in the presence of Lord Peter.
clear conscience n (no guilty feelings)consciência limpa loc sf
 Now that I've returned her the favour at last, I have a clear conscience.
conscientious objector n ([sb] morally opposed to military service)objetor de consciência loc sm
 As a conscientious objector to the war, my father refused to serve in the military.
cultural awareness n (sensitivity to social differences)consciência cultural loc sf
 Living in a new culture increases your cultural awareness of both your new culture and your old one.
free write
(write from stream of consciousness)fluxo de consciência loc sm
consciousness n (awareness)consciência, percepção sf
environmental awareness consciência ambiental
with a clear conscience com a consciência tranqüila
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