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consentimento consent, approval, permission
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acceptance n (approval)aceitação, aprovação sf
  consentimento sm
 Parents' acceptance of a spouse for their child can help a marriage.
compliance n (conformity)conformidade sf
  consentimento sm
  aquiescência sf
 His compliance makes him a good team member.
okay n informal (agreement, go-ahead)  (informal)sinal verde loc sm
  permissão sf
  consentimento sm
concession n (conceded point)  (ponto concedido)consentimento sm
full consent n (complete agreement, full permission)  (acordo total)consentimento sm
 The marriage has my full consent.
consent n (approval)consentimento sm
assent n (agreement)  (acordo)consentimento, assentimento sm
age of consent n (age at which sex becomes legal)idade de consentimento loc sf
 In many countries, the age of consent is determined by the beginning of puberty.
consenting adult n (adult agreeing to sexual intercourse)consentimento de adulto loc sm
 If a woman is under age 18, she can not legally be considered a consenting adult.
general consent n (overall agreement)consentimento geral loc sf
 We didn't vote, but there was general consent to canceling the picnic.
give consent vi (agree to [sth])  (consentir, permitir, aprovar)dar consentimento loc v int
 If you're aged 18 or under, your parents or guardians will need to give their consent.
consent form n (signed document of agreement)  (documento de acordo)formulário de consentimento loc sm
 You have to sign a consent form before having any type of surgery.
 I signed a consent form to allow the doctors to harvest my organs if I died during the operation.
deemed consent n (law: presumed agreement)  (jurid., )suposto consentimento loc sm
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