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continuar vtcontinue vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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continue vtr (resume)continuar vt
 Are they going to continue the project, or is it permanently suspended?
 Eles continuarão o projeto ou ele será permanentemente suspenso?
go on vi (continue to do or say [sth])continuar v int
 Go on with your story!
be carried on vi (be continued or perpetuated)continuar vt
  ser levado
 After all these years, the business is still being carried on by the founder's great-great-grandson.
keep going continuar
keep up continuar
  não decair
keep vtr (continue on)continuar, prosseguir, seguir vt
 Keep going straight and you will find the store.
continue vtr (not stop)continuar, seguir vt
 He continued his work without stopping for lunch.
 Ele continuou (or: seguiu) o seu trabalho sem parar para o almoço.
proceed vi (continue)continuar, proceder v int
 If you proceed in behaving like this, you will end up in trouble.
proceed vi (carry on, continue to say or do [sth])continuar, prosseguir v int
 I'm sorry for interrupting you; please proceed.
wend vtr (go, move)  (andar)proceder, prosseguir, continuar vt
carry on
(continue)seguir em frente, continuar vt
Note: hyphen used when term is a noun or an adj
 The teacher told us to carry on with the exercise she had assigned while she prepared a test.
 She carried on as if nothing had happened.
continue to be vi (go on living, keep existing)  (continuar a existir)continuar a ser v int
 Even after we're dead, our love will continue to be.
continue to be vi (go on being [sth])  (continuar a ser algo)continuar a ser v int
 The weather will continue to be pleasant throughout the rest of the week.
keep on vtr (persist in doing [sth])  (a fazer algo)persistir, continuar vt
 Why do you keep on talking after I've asked you to be quiet?
keep repeating vtr (say over and over)  (repetir)continuar repetindo loc vt
 I kept repeating his name to myself but had forgotten it by the time I got home.
not proceed with vtr (terminate, cancel)  (terminar, cancelar)não continuar com, não progredir com vt
 When we found out how expensive the goods were, we did not proceed with the order.
continue to vtr phrasal insep (carry on)continuar a loc vt
   (continuar)ir em frente loc v
keep coming continuar vindo
keep hoping continuar acreditando
keep trying continuar tentando
stay on continuar em um lugar, posição, situação
   (aparelhos)ficar ligado
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