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controle control
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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Traduções principais
control n (authority) (autoridade)controle sm
 The principal has control over his school.
 O diretor tem autoridade sobre a sua escola.
mastery n (of skill)mestria, maestria sf
  domínio, controle sm
 It took Bill years to reach mastery of his craft.
restraint n (control, reserve)contenção sf
  controle sm
 Her mother-in-law's comment made Janet furious, but she showed considerable restraint in her response.
joystick n (control lever)joystick, controle sm
 The boy used the joystick to control the airplane on screen.
control n (restraint, self-control)controle sm
 The advocate showed control in his cross-examination.
 O advogado mostrou controle em seu interrogatório.
control n (machine)controle sf
  comando sm
 The pilot started working the controls of the plane.
 O piloto começou a operar os controles do avião.
 O piloto começou a operar o comando do avião.
grip n (grasp, hold) (ato de agarrar, segurar)controle sm
  pegada sf
 Peter kept a firm grip on the wheel as he drove through the mountains.
direction n (management)administração sf
  controle sm
 Under Karen's direction, the company's profits soared.
controller n (machine: regulates [sth](máquina)controle sm
  aparelho regulador sm
grip n figurative (power, hold)poder sm
  controle sm
 The coach kept his athletes firmly in his grip.
Traduções complementares
control n (standard) (padrão)controle sm
 We must follow all regulatory controls.
control n (domination) (dominação)controle sm
 The island came under state control.
control n (regulating device) (aparelho)controle sm
 The temperature control is broken.
control n (prevention) (prevenção)controle sm
 Pest control is difficult in hot climates.
control n (sports: skill) (habilidade)controle sm
 That pitcher has incredible control.
charge n (control)comando sm
  controle sm
 The manager has charge of two shops.
mastery n (of opponents)domínio, controle sm
 The martial artist worked hard to achieve mastery over his opponents.
a check on [sth] n (person, thing that restrains)controle sm
  supervisão sf
 The U.S. Congress acts as a check on the president.
grip on [sth]
figurative (sanity) (figurado: sanidade)controle sm
  contato sm
 It was too much for John, and he felt that he was beginning to lose his grip.
mastery n (control)domínio, controle sm
 The government demonstrated its mastery of the populace by brutally oppressing them.
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.
Formas compostas:
air traffic control n (directing and monitoring aircraft)controle de tráfego aéreo loc sm
 Air traffic control is one of the most stressful occupations.
at the helm adv figurative (in charge)no controle loc adv
 After five years he is now at the helm of his unit.
automatic control n (system: not manual) (BRA)controle automático loc sm
  (POR)controlo automático loc sm
 My garden sprinklers work by automatic control.
automatic gain control n (electronic device) (CAG)controle automático de ganho loc sm
be in the driver's seat,
take the driver's seat,
have the driver's seat,
be in the driving seat
v expr
figurative (have control)estar no controle expres
 If he thinks he can lead the team better, let him have the driver's seat.
birth control n (contraception)controle de natalidade loc sm
  (formal)contracepção sf
 There a many methods of birth control.
come undone v expr figurative (lose all control)perder o controle loc vt
 If you don't take some time off work to relax you're going to come undone.
console n (games: control unit) (do vídeo games)painel de controle loc sm
 What kind of console will this game work on?
control group n (group used for comparison in a scientific study)grupo de controle loc sm
control panel n (dashboard)painel de controle loc sm
control panel n (computing: settings)painel de controle loc sm
control tower n (building from which air traffic is directed)torre de controle sf
 Before the airplanes collided, the control tower alerted them that they were too close.
cruise control n (vehicle's automatic speed system) (mantém a velocidade de veículo)controle de velocidade loc sm
dashboard n (car's instrument panel)painel de controle loc sm
 The dashboard had a speedometer and a rev counter.
 O painel de controle tem um velocímetro e um conta-rotações.
exposure control n (monitoring of contact with harmful substances)controle de exposição loc sm
get out of hand v expr informal (become uncontrolled)sair do controle expres
 The party got out of hand, and a neighbour called the police.
get out of order v expr figurative, slang (act inappropriately) (figurado, agir de forma inapropriada)ficar fora de controle expres
 Colin got out of order and started a fight.
gun control n (restrictions on owning firearms)controle de armas loc sm
hand over hand adv figurative (in an out-of-control way) (figurativo)fora de controle loc adv
have control of vtr (be in charge of) (dirigir, comandar, governar)ter o controle de loc vt
 I have control of the communication department.
have control of vtr (master) (dominar)ter o controle de loc vt
in the saddle adv figurative, informal (in charge, in control) (figurado)no poder, no controle, na liderança, na chefia loc adv
 The company have announced that there will soon be a new man in the saddle.
manual control,
(operation by hand)controle manual loc sm
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
monitoring n (quality control)monitoramento sm
  controle de qualidade loc sf
 Rachel worked in monitoring for a local radio broadcaster.
out of control adv (wild, unrestrained)fora de controle loc adv
 The child was screaming and stamping his feet, quite out of control.
out of control adj (unrestrained, wild)fora de controle loc adv
 You're just an out-of-control brat!
out of hand adv (uncontrolled)sair do controle expres
 When the fight got out of hand the barman called the police.
out of your control adj (not within your power to affect)fora do nosso controle loc adv
 The situation is out of your control.
pest control n (rats, insects: extermination)controle de pragas sm
 Organic farmers use natural pest control.
price control n (limits set on prices) (definir limites nos preços)controle de preços loc sm
 The first thing the new dictator did was to establish price control on basic goods.
production tracking n (monitoring progress of output) (monitora progresso do resultado)controle de produção loc sm
quality review process n (procedure for assessing [sth](procedimento para assessar algo)processo de controle de qualidade loc sm
 All the courses offered by the college go through a quality review process.
radio link n (radio communication setup) (configuração de comunicação por rádio)protocolo de controle de rádio loc sm
 Marconi established the first radio link between England and France in 1899.
remote n (TV: remote control) (TV)controle remoto loc sm
 Give me the remote so I can choose a channel.
 Dê-me o controle remoto para que eu escolha um canal.
spiral out of control expr (become uncontrollable)sair do controle expres
 Ben's spending began to spiral out of control and he soon got into serious debt.
take command vtr + n (take charge, control) (assumir o comando ou controle)assumir o comando expres
  assumir o controle expres
  tomar o comando expres
  tomar o controle expres
 He was the kind of man who always tried to take command even when no-one wanted him to.
take control of [sth] v expr (take charge or command of) (assumir o comando ou controle de)tomar o controle de expres
  assumir o controle de expres
 The cops had a rough time taking control of the situation once the riot broke out.
take the bull by the horns v expr figurative (tackle a task bravely) (figurado: enfrentar corajosamente)pegar o touro pelos chifres expres
  enfrentar situação, assumir controle de situação expres
 Matthew's going to take the bull by the horns tomorrow and ask Louise to marry him.
temperature control n (thermostat: device that regulates heat) (dispositivo que controla o aquecimento)termostato sm
  controle de temperatura loc sm
 It's way too hot in here - the temperature control must be faulty.
time management n (organized use of time) (uso de tempo organizado)gerenciamento do tempo loc sm
  controle do tempo loc sm
  administração do tempo loc sf
 I didn't get the job done in time due to bad time management.
traffic control n (management of road use) (gestão do uso da estrada)controle de tráfego loc sm
under control adv (being managed)sob controle loc adv
 Don't worry, I've got everything under control here at the office.
under the cloak of phrase (within the control of) (sob o controle de)sob o manto de frase
  sob o controle de frase
  sob a autoridade de frase
under your control adv (in your charge or command) (sob seu próprio domínio ou comando)sob seu controle loc adv
 Well, I'm going out for the evening, the kids are under your control!
well in hand adv figurative (under control)sob controle advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 I don't need any help: I've got matters well in hand.
zapper n slang (TV remote control)controle remoto loc sm
 Eric pressed a button on the zapper to change channels.
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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