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coração smheart nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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heart n (human organ)  (humano)coração sm
 He was so nervous that he could hear his heart beating.
 Ele estava tão nervoso que podia escutar seu coração batendo.
heart n (animal organ)  (de animal)coração sm
 Some people eat pig hearts.
heart n figurative (centre of feelings)  (centro de emoções)coração sm
 In his heart, he knew that she would stay loyal.
 No seu coração, ele sabia que ela continuaria leal.
heart n figurative (centre of a place)  (centro de um lugar)coração sm
 The heart of the city is alive with bars and restaurants.
 O coração da cidade é animado com bares e restaurantes.
heart n (courage)  (coragem)coração sm
 The basketball player wasn't the tallest, but he played with a lot of heart.
heart n (lettuce, cabbage)  (da alface, repolho)coração sm
 The hearts of Bibb lettuce are delicious with a vinaigrette.
heart n figurative (feelings, sympathy)  (sentimento)coração sm
 While my head says I should stay, my heart tells me to go.
heart n (breast, bosom)  (peito)coração sm
 The mother drew her children to her heart.
heart n (shape)  (forma)coração sm
 The child drew a heart and coloured it red.
depth n (most severe part of something)  (parte mais severa de )coração sm
 Our neighbour's cheerfulness survives even the depth of winter.
ticker n slang (heart)  (gíria)coração sm
heartless adj (person: cruel, unkind)sem coração loc adj
  desalmado, cruel adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
heartless adj (speech, action: lacking compassion)  (fala, ação)sem coração loc adj
heartbreaking adj (extremely saddening)doloroso adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  de cortar o coração loc adj
  de partir o coração loc adj
heartrending adj figurative (unbearably sad)de partir o coração loc adj
  doloroso adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
coleus n (type of plant with multicoloured leaves)  (planta com folhas multicoloridas)cóleus, coração-magoado sm
affair of the heart n (love affair, romantic involvement)negócios do coração loc sm
 Romance novels describe affairs of the heart.
artificial heart n (medical device: replacement for the heart)coração artificial loc sm
 He has an artificial heart while he is waiting for a transplant.
at the heart of prep (at the centre of)no coração de loc prep
 At the heart of the financial crisis there was a lot of greed.
big heart n (kind, generous nature)grande coração loc sm
 The children love him because he has such a big heart.
big hearted
(kind and generous)  (pessoa bondosa, generosa)de grande coração loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before noun
 The theatre ran on donations from big-hearted patrons.
bleeding heart n figurative, pejorative (liberal, humanitarian)  (liberal, humanitário)coração aberto loc sm
 Some bleeding heart will come and tell you you can't do that.
bleeding heart n (flowering plant: dicentra)  (planta)coração-sangrento sm
 The red flowers of bleeding heart brighten my garden in spring.
break your heart v (cause you great sorrow)quebrar o coração loc v
 That boy will only break your heart.
 It breaks my heart to hear you are quitting.
close to your heart adj (cherished by you)  (adorado)dentro do coração loc adj
 It's a subject that's close to my heart.
cold heart n figurative (lack of compassion)  (figurativo - falta de compaixão)coração de pedra loc sm
 She had a cold heart and nothing I could say or do would melt it.
deep down in his heart adv (his conscience)no fundo do coração
 Deep down in his heart he knew what he had done was wrong.
from the heart adv (sincerely)  (sinceramente)de coração loc adv
 She read her love poems to me from the heart.
 When he began to cry, we knew that his apology was truly from the heart.
from your heart adv (with sincerity)  (com sinceridade)do seu coração loc adv
 Don't say you're sorry just because I told you to; say it from your heart.
 Say it like you actually mean it, from your heart.
heart of gold n figurative (kind and generous nature)  (figurativo: natureza boa e generosa)coração de ouro loc sm
 He may seem surly at first, but he really has a heart of gold.
heart of stone n figurative (lack of compassion)  (figurativo: natureza cruel e fria)coração de pedra loc sm
 You would need a heart of stone to see those starving children and not feel compassion.
heart transplant n (surgery to replace a patient's heart)transplante de coração loc sm
heart-to-heart talk n (sincere and frank discussion)  (conversa franca, com sinceridade)conversa com o coração nas mãos expres
 You need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your son, or he'll soon be in trouble with the police.
heavy heart n (feeling of great sadness or regret)  (sentimento de tristeza ou arrependimento)coração aflito, coração pesado loc sm
 She had a heavy heart as she stepped to the podium to deliver her best friend's eulogy.
innermost circle n (Dante: centre of hell)  (Dante: centro do inferno)último círculo, no coração do inferno
artichoke heart n (edible part of globe artichoke)coração de alcachofra loc sm
bosom n (woman's chest)seio, peito sm
   (peça de vestuário que recobre o peito )peitilho sm
  âmago, recesso sm
  coração, centro sm
broken heart coração partido
heart and soul alma e coração
heart trouble problema de coração
heartily recommend recomendar de coração
large heart coração grande
lonely heart coração solitário
open one's heart abrir o coração
open-heart surgery cirurgia de coração
thank you kindly   (formal)meus agradecimentos cordiais
  agradeço do fundo do coração
with all my heart sinceramente, de coração
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