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cores sf plcolors nplplural noun: Noun always used in plural form--for example, "jeans," "scissors."
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colour chart
US: color chart
(table illustrating a colour range)paleta de cores loc sf
 An artist uses a color chart to identify complementary colors.
colour contrast
US: color contrast
(strength of contrast between colours)contraste de cores loc sm
 I had to adjust the colour contrast on his television.
colour intensity
US: color intensity
(degree of saturation, chroma)  (grau de saturação de cores)intensidade de cores loc sf
 Early digital cameras did not match the color intensity of 35 mm color film.
colour vision
US: color vision
(ability to see colours)  (capacidade de visualizar cores)visão cromática, visão em cores loc sf
 Nocturnal animals tend not to have color vision; the night's light is not strong enough to make out more than gray shapes.
US: color-coded
alt term colour coded
(represented by different colours)codificado em cores loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Traffic signals are color coded for simplicity: red means stop and green means go.
complementary colour
US: complementary color
(opposite colour on a colour wheel)cores complementares loc sf pl
 Purple is the complementary color of yellow.
four-color process
UK: four-colour process
US (four-colour printing method)impressão em quatro cores loc sf
full colour
(full-colour printing process)impressão a cores loc sf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 It's rare to find such an old magazine printed in full colour.
full colour
(printed by full-colour process)  (impressão )a cores loc adj
 Almost all magazines these days are full-color.
full colour
(with complete range of colour)  (do espectro total)em todas as cores loc adj
assorted colors
UK: assorted colours
US (varied colour selection)cores variadas loc sf pl
 The crayons came in assorted colors.
 These gloves are available in assorted colours.
color-coded adj US (identified using a system of colours)por código de cores loc adj
 The files were colour-coded to make it easier to find the correct one.
colour scheme
US: color scheme
UK (restricted range of colours)esquema de cores loc sm
 Powerpoint offers users a choice of colour scheme for the presentation.
fast colors
UK: fast colours
US (dyes that do not fade)cores permanentes loc sf,pl
bright colors cores claras
color television televisão em cores
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