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correio smpost, mail nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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post n UK for mail (mail: letters, parcels, etc.)correio sm
 Can you check today's post for the letter from the bank?
post n UK for mail (mail: delivery of letters, parcels, etc.)correio sm
 The bill is going out in today's post.
 A conta será enviada com o correio de hoje.
post n UK for mail (mail: delivery system)correio sm
 The post is slow in rural areas.
post n UK for mail (mail: drop-off place)correio sm
 She dropped the letters in the post.
mail n uncountable (postal correspondence, packages)correio sm
 The mail has not arrived yet.
 O correio ainda não chegou.
mail vtr (send a mail piece or pieces)mandar por correio loc vt
 I'm going to mail a letter today.
 Vou mandar uma carta por correio hoje.
mailing n (act of sending, posting)envio por correio loc sm
mailbox n (box for mail, letterbox)caixa de correio loc sf
mailbox n (email: inbox)  (e-mail)caixa de correio loc sf
messenger n (courier)mensageiro, correio, portador sm
airmail n (sending post by air)correio aéreo loc sm
pigeonhole n (mail compartment)caixa de correio loc sf
  escaninho sm
postmaster n (manager of a post office)agente do correio loc sm
carrier pigeon n (homing pigeon that carries messages)pombo-correio sm
 Carrier pigeons were often used during WW1 to carry messages home from the fronts.
 The letter took so long to get there we may as well have sent it by carrier pigeon!
general post office n US (main post office branch)  (agência principal do correio)correio central loc sm
mail drop n (mail receiving agency)agência de correio loc sf
mailing list n (list of contacts to whom mail is sent)  (lista de endereços)lista de correio loc sf
 All of my email contacts are on my mailing list.
air mail n (postal service by plane)  (serviço postal por avião)correio aéreo loc sm
air mail n (post sent by plane)correio aéreo loc sm
be in the mail vi (be travelling through the postal system)estar no correio loc v int
 My application is in the mail, so you should be receiving it soon.
send for mandar buscar
  mandar pelo correio
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