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corrida sfrace, racing, run n
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run n (jog) corrercorrida sf
 I'm going for a run.
 Vou dar uma corrida.
run n (race) competiçãocorrida sf
 We're organizing a run for charity this weekend.
 Estamos organizando uma corrida beneficente este fim de semana.
run n (strong demand)demanda, procura sf
 corrida sf
 We've had a run on these teapots since they went on special offer.
race n (formal competition of speed) competição formal de velocidadecorrida sf
 The Indy 500 is a famous auto race.
 A Indy 500 é uma corrida de carros famosa.
race n (informal test of speed)corrida sf
 Fred won the race around the park.
race, races npl (horse races, etc.) de cavalos, etc.corrida sf
 Tommy likes going to the races.
running n (jogging, racing) joggingcorrida sf
 Running is one of my favourite sports.
 A corrida é um de meus esportes preferidos.
rush n (onslaught)corrida sf
 There was a rush of customers on the first day of the sale.
rush n (migration) migraçãocorrida sf
 Flight prices skyrocket during the winter rush to the tropics.
sprint n (short, fast run) curta e rápidacorrida sf
racing n (sport: car, cycle, horse racing) carro, cavalocorrida sf
run n (fish: migration) peixemigração, corrida sf
 He's gone up to Alaska for the salmon run.
heat n (sports: race division) esportepartida, corrida sf
 páreo sm
 The winner of the third heat ran faster than the better-known competitors.
tear n informal (rush)rapidez, corrida sf
 ligeireza sf
 He ran across the room at a tear.
derby n (sport: horse race)corrida de cavalo loc sf
derby n (sport: motorcycle race)corrida de motocicleta loc sf
sprint n (short, fast race)corrida de velocidade loc sf
racing adj (car: for racing)de corrida adj
scuttle n (hurried run)corrida, correria sf
 debandada sf
bobsled n (racing sled)trenó de corrida loc sm
horseracing n (race between horses)corrida de cavalos loc sf
horseriding n (activity: riding on horseback) atividadecorridas sf pl
 corrida de cavalos loc sf
racehorse n (horse that competes in races)cavalo de corrida loc sm
racetrack n (circuit for racing)pista de corrida loc sf
 para cavaloshipódromo sm
steeplechase n (obstacle race for horses)corrida de obstáculos loc sf
bobsleigh, US: bobsled n UK (racing sledge)trenó duplo, trenó de corrida loc sm
arms race n (competition for strongest military capability)corrida armamentista loc sf
 The arms race was a distinguishing feature of the Cold War.
chariot race n historical (competition between chariots) históricocorrida de biga loc sf
 It took over three months to film the chariot race in Ben-Hur.
elevator shaft, UK: lift shaft n US (vertical passage for a lift) local no interior do qual a cabina do elevador se deslocacaixa de corrida loc sf
 caixa sf
endurance race n (long-distance motor sport competition)corrida de resistência loc sf
foot race, footrace n (running competition)corrida a pé loc sf
 The three-legged race was always my favorite foot race.
horse racing n (sport in which horses compete to run fastest)corrida de cavalos loc sf
 The Grand National is a major horse-racing event in the UK.
motorcycle race n (sports competition for motorcycles)corrida de moto loc sf
motorcycle racing n (sport: competing on motorcycles) esporte:corrida de moto loc sf
motor-racing track n (sports circuit for racing vehicles)pista de corrida motorizada loc sf
cross country n (race run across fields) competição através de bosques e trilhascross-country sm
 corrida corta-mato loc sf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Some cross country courses are hilly and have rough terrain.
cross-country race n (foot race run across fields) competição através de bosques e trilhascorrida cross-country loc sf
 Cross-country races were dropped from the Olympics in 1924.
hurdle n (sport) corrida com barreiracorrida de obstáculos loc sf
hurdle npl (race type) competição de corrida de obstáculos ou com barreiracorrida de obstáculo loc sf
jog n (slow run)corrida leve loc sf
quarter n (sports)corrida de um quarto de milha loc sf
wreck n (car: event)corrida de demolição loc sf
horse race corrida de cavalos
match race corrida (regata)
race against time corrida contra o tempo
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