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Traduções principais
corrida sfrace, racing, run nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
running n (jogging, footracing)corrida sf
 Running is one of my favourite sports.
 A corrida é um dos meus esportes favoritos.
racing n (sport: car, cycle, horse racing) (carro, cavalo)corrida sf
race n (competition of speed) (competição formal de velocidade)corrida sf
 The Indy 500 is a famous auto race.
 A Indy 500 é uma corrida de carros famosa.
scuttle n (hurried run)corrida, correria sf
  debandada sf
 The boy took off at a scuttle so that he would not be late for school.
run n (jog) (correr)corrida sf
 I'm going for a run.
 Vou dar uma corrida.
run n (race) (competição)corrida sf
 We're organizing a run for charity this weekend.
 Estamos organizando uma corrida beneficente este fim de semana.
dash n (run)corrida sf
  (figurado)disparo sm
 John's dash for the train wasn't quick enough and he missed it.
Traduções complementares
run n (fish: migration) (peixe)migração, corrida sf
 He's gone up to Alaska for the salmon run.
run n (strong demand)demanda, procura sf
  corrida sf
 We've had a run on these teapots since they went on special offer.
carry n US (football) (futebol americano)corrida sf
 The running back averages twenty yards a carry.
race n (informal test of speed)corrida sf
 Fred won the race around the park.
heat n (sports: race division) (esporte)partida, corrida sf
  páreo sm
 The winner of the third heat ran faster than the better-known competitors.
rush n (onslaught)corrida sf
 There was a rush of customers on the first day of the sale.
rush n (migration) (migração)corrida sf
 Flight prices skyrocket during the winter rush to the tropics.
mile n (race)corrida sf
 Ryan got first place in the mile at the track meet.
track n (running as a sport) (corrida como esporte)corrida sf
 He went out for track in college.
track n (sport: running) (esporte)corrida sf
 He went out for track in college.
run n (dash)corrida sf
 His run for the bus was clearly pointless - he was much too far away to stand a chance of catching it.
baggage n figurative, pejorative (disreputable, immoral woman) (vulgar)rameira sf
  (vulgar)quenga sf
  (pejorativo)mulher da vida loc sf
  (pejorativo)corrida adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
dart n (swift movement) (figurado)disparo sm
  corrida sf
 The squirrel made a quick dart across the street.
races npl (horse races, etc.) (de cavalos, etc.)corrida sf
 Tommy likes going to the races.
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Formas compostas:
arms race n (competition for strongest military capability)corrida armamentista loc sf
 The arms race was a distinguishing feature of the Cold War.
bike race,
bicycle race,
cycle race
informal (cycling contest)corrida de bicicleta loc sm
 The two boys decided to have a bike race around the edge of the park.
bobsled (US),
bobsleigh (UK)
(racing sled)trenó de corrida loc sm
cab fare n (charge for a taxi journey)corrida de táxi loc sf
  tarifa de táxi loc sf
 Bianca paid the cab fare.
 A Bianca pagou a corrida de táxi.
chariot race n historical (competition between chariots) (histórico)corrida de biga loc sf
 It took over three months to film the chariot race in Ben-Hur.
cross country,
(foot race: across fields) (corrida)cross-country sm
  corrida corta-mato sf
 I'm good at athletics but don't have the stamina for cross country.
 Sou um bom atleta mas não tenho o vigor para uma corrida cross-country.
cross-country race n (foot race: across fields)corrida cross-country loc sf
 Cross-country races were dropped from the Olympics in 1924.
derby n (sport: horse race)corrida clássica loc sf
 Preparations are underway for the 100th running of the derby.
 Estão em andamento os preparativos para a centésima corrida clássica.
elevator shaft (US),
lift shaft (UK)
(passage for a lift) (elevador)caixa de corrida loc sf
endurance race n (long-distance motor sport competition)corrida de resistência loc sf
 Many thousands of spectators enjoyed the endurance race.
foot race,
(running competition)corrida a pé loc sf
 The three-legged race was always my favorite foot race.
gold rush n (mass migration to goldmine) (migração em massa para mina de ouro)corrida do ouro loc sf
 The gold rush of the early 20th century became a symbol of the American Dream.
hardwood floor n (solid timber flooring) (chão de madeira sólida)chão de tábua corrida loc sm
  piso de madeira loc sm
horse race n (competition for horses) (competição hípica)corrida de cavalo expres
 Brenda is watching a horse race on TV.
horse race n US, figurative (close competition) (disputa acirrada)corrida séria sf + adj
horse racing
(race between horses)corrida de cavalos loc sf
 Eddie enjoys watching horseracing, but he never places bets.
horseriding n (activity: riding horses) (atividade)corridas sf pl
  corrida de cavalos loc sf
 Katrina is quite good at horseriding; she even gives lessons to kids.
hurdles npl (event: obstacle race)corrida de obstáculo sf
 Karen decided to try hurdles because she didn't want to run the 800 meter race.
jog n (slow run)corrida leve loc sf
 Amanda decided to go for a jog this morning.
motorcycle race n (sports competition for motorcycles)corrida de moto loc sf
 The Isle of Man TT races are the oldest and most famous motorcycle races in the world.
motorcycle racing n (sport: competing on motorcycles) (esporte)corrida de moto loc sf
motor-racing track n (sports circuit for racing vehicles)pista de corrida motorizada loc sf
political race n (competition for government office) (competição pelo governo)corrida política loc sf
  disputa política loc sf
 Chris Dudley took part in the political race for Governor of Oregon.
race bicycle,
racing bicycle,
racing bike
(cycle for racing)bicicleta de corrida loc sf
 My racing bicycle has nine gears.
race horses npl (horses bred for racing) (cavalos criados para corridas)cavalos de corrida loc sm
 Toby breeds race horses at his stables in Norfolk.
racecourse n (sport: track for horse racing)pista de corrida loc sf
  raia sf
  hipódromo sm
 Bob went to the racecourse to bet on horses.
racehorse n (horse that competes in races)cavalo de corrida loc sm
 That racehorse has never lost.
racetrack n (circuit for horse or motor racing)pista de corrida loc sf
  (veículos)autódromo sm
  (cavalos)hipódromo sm
 We're going to the racetrack to practice driving.
racing adj (car: for racing)de corrida adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 Several companies want their logos on racing cars.
racing team n (group competing in motorsport) (grupo competindo em esporte motorizado)equipe de corrida sf
rally driver n (sports-car racer)corredor de carro de corrida loc sm
  corredor de rally loc sm
rat race n figurative (competitive or routine working life) (trabalho competitivo ou rotina)corre-corre sm
  correria sf
  corrida de ratos loc sf
 I wanted to escape the rat race and work from home.
relay race n (race in which runners take turns) (corrida na qual os atletas se revezam)corrida de revezamento loc sf
 I was running in a relay race when I dropped the baton.
rerun n (race that takes place again)nova corrida sf
sprint n (short fast run)corrida de velocidade loc sf
 When Don heard his wife was having a baby, he left the office at a sprint.
sprint n (short, fast race)corrida de velocidade loc sf
steeplechase n (obstacle race for horses)corrida de obstáculos loc sf
 The town holds an annual steeplechase, and many people come from far away to watch.
trainer n UK, usually plural (sneaker: sports shoe)tênis de corrida sm
 Maria had decided to start running, so she bought some trainers.
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