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cortar vtcut, chop, clip, slice vtr
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do vtr informal (hair: cut, style) cabelocortar vt
 cabeloarrumar vt
 She's had her hair done into a bob.
cut vi (be able to slice)cortar v int
 Does this knife cut well?
cut vi (undergo slicing) passar por fatiamentocortar v int
 The soft cheese cuts well, and does not crumble.
cut vi (do the cutting)cortar v int
 This knife cuts cleanly.
cut vtr (flower: snip the stalk of) florescortar vt
 He cut some flowers to take to his girlfriend.
cut, cut [sth] vtr figurative (reduce) reduzircortar vt
 We need to cut some time off the length of this speech.
 Precisamos cortar um pouco do tempo da duração deste discurso.
cut, cut [sth] vtr slang, figurative (omit or cease) omitir, cessarcortar vt
 Please cut the jokes. Just tell us what happened.
cut, cut [sth] vtr (path, swathe: create, make) trilhacortar vt
 He cut a path through the field of corn with his tractor.
cut vi (cinema: make abrupt transition) cinemacortar vt
 It showed the scene of the child playing and then cut to the war scene.
cut vi (cinema: stop filming) cinema: pararcortar v int
 And cut! Let's redo this scene.
cut vtr (cards: divide pack) baralhocortar vt
 Do you want to cut the deck, or should I just deal now?
cut vi (cards: divide pack) baralhocortar v int
 I'll shuffle the cards and Henry can cut.
cut vtr (cards: choose dealer) cartascortar vt
 Let's cut the cards, and the person with the highest card will deal.
cut vi (cards: choose dealer) cartascortar v int
 Let's cut, and the person with the highest card can deal.
cut vtr (golf: slice) golfecortar vt
 If you cut the ball, it will go into the trees.
cut vi (take a shortcut) pegar atalhocortar vt
 He cut through the neighbours' back yard to get there quicker.
cut vi (change direction suddenly)cortar v int
 The basketball player cut to the right and shot the ball.
saw, saw [sth] vtr (move as if to cut with a saw)cortar vt
 He sawed the air with his hand.
knife vtr (cut)cortar vt
 He said you should knife the plant's bark to make it flower sooner.
score, score [sth] vtr (food: cut ridges in) comida:cortar vt
 Score the Brussels sprout base for faster cooking time.
chine v (cut along backbone of an animal) carne do lombocortar vt
chop down vtr (fell, cut down: a tree) árvorecortar vt
 Pioneers would chop down trees to build their homes.
chop off vtr phrasal sep (sever)cortar vt
 decepar vt
 Before I cook broccoli, I chop off the stems.
crop out vtr phrasal sep (eliminate: from an image)cortar vt
 recortar vt
cut off vtr phrasal sep (interrupt, stop from speaking)interromper vt
 cortar vt
chop vtr (food) em pedaçoscortar vt
chop vtr (wood, tree)cortar vt
clip vtr (cut)cortar vt
groom vtr (hair: animal) pêlo: animalcortar vt
 cuidar vt
groom vtr (hair: person) cabelocortar vt
 pentear vt
 fazer o cabelo loc vt
nick vtr (body) corpocortar vt
sever vtr (cut off physically)cortar vt
sever vtr figurative (cut: ties)cortar vt
slash vtr (cut: spending) gastoscortar vt
cut off cortar
 isolar algo/alguém
cut out cortar
 deixar de consumir algo
cut, cut [sth] up vtr (chop or slice into pieces) fatiarcortar, dividir vt
 The mother cut her daughter's dinner into small pieces.
 A mãe cortou (or: dividiu) a comida da sua filha em pequenos pedaços.
cut, cut [sth] vtr (trim)cortar, aparar vt
 My hair is getting too long, so I'll need to cut it soon.
 O meu cabelo está ficando muito comprido, portanto precisarei cortá-lo em breve.
cut, cut [sth] vtr (intersect)cortar, atravessar vt
 The railway line cuts the highway just beyond the town.
cut, cut [sth] vtr (shape, sculpt) esculpircortar, cinzelar vt
 The stonemason will cut the granite into stepping stones.
cut, cut [sth] vtr (edit, reduce in length)cortar, editar vt
 They cut the film down to a hundred and twenty minutes.
crop vtr (remove or trim)cortar, aparar vt
 The photographer cropped the photo so it would fit in the frame.
crop vtr (cut hair close to the scalp) cabelocortar curto loc vt
 The barber crops the hair off of any unfortunate customer, leaving them nearly bald.
cube vtr (cookery: cut into cubes) culináriacortar em cubos loc vt
excise vtr (cut out, remove)cortar, extirpar vt
gash vtr (cut deeply) cortar profundamenteacutilar, cortar vt
interrupt vtr (create a break in: sthg)partir, cortar, romper vt
axe vtr figurative (cut from budget) despesasreduzir, cortar vt
ax vtr US (budget: cut)reduzir, cortar vt
curtail vtr (cut short)cortar, abreviar, encurtar vt
manicure vtr (lawn: trim, cut) gramacortar, aparar vt
scissor vtr (clip, cut) com tesouracortar, tesourar, recortar vt
 coloquialfalar mal loc vt
snip vtr (cut, trim)cortar, recortar vt
hew vtr (cut down)cortar, derrubar vt
heartbreaking adj (extremely saddening)doloroso adj
 de cortar o coração loc adj
 de partir o coração loc adj
intersect vtr (meet at a point, cross)cruzar, cortar vt
breadboard n (wooden slab for slicing bread)tábua de cortar pão loc sf
chainsaw vtr (cut with a chainsaw)cortar com motosserra loc vt
truncate, truncate [sth] vtr (cut [sth] short)truncar, cortar vt
crosscut, cross-cut v (cut or move across)cortar transversalmente loc vt
julienne v (cut food into narrow strips)cortar à juliana loc vt
shiv v slang (cut with a shiv )cortar com canivete loc vt
transect, transect [sth] vtr (cut across) cortar através decortar transversalmente loc vt
trencher n (flat wooden plate for serving food )tábua de cortar pão loc sf
chip off, chip-off vtr (remove by chiselling)cinzelar, cortar, escarvar vt
cut away, cut-away, cutaway vtr (remove by cutting)cortar, extirpar vt
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj; single-word form used when term is a noun or an adj before a noun
 To repair the table I had to cut away the damaged veneer and replace it with a matching new piece.
cut down on vtr informal (reduce)cortar, reduzir, diminuir
 The doctor told me my heart was in poor condition and that I must cut down on fatty foods, alcohol and smoking.
cut in two vtr (slice into two parts)cortar em dois loc vt
 The magician appeared to cut his beautiful assistant in two.
cut it out v slang (stop: doing [sth]) de fazer algocortar, parar vt
cut through vtr literal (slice through: with a blade)cortar, capinar, talhar vt
 I haven't got a clue why he bought that machete, there's no jungle to cut through in Belgium.
cut to pieces vtr (slaughter) massacrarcortar em pedaços loc vt
cut up, cut-up vtr literal (chop, cut into pieces)cortar em pedaços
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 You have to cut up the chicken into smaller pieces if you want to feed everybody.
do my hair vi informal (cut and style my hair) cortar e dar estilocortar o cabelo
 I need the hair dresser to do my hair.
 Every morning I do my hair so it looks presentable.
hair clippers npl (device for trimming hair) cabelos máquina de cortar ou de tosquiar loc sf
 The barber used the hair clippers to trim Michael's hair.
lay [sb] off v (make [sb] redundant) empregados, pessoaldemitir, cortar vt
 The boss told the staff that due to economic problems the company intended to lay off five employees.
fillet vtr (cut into fillet)cortar em filé loc vt
hack vi (with axe) com um machadocortar, talhar, golpear vt
mow vtr (grass, lawn) grama, gramadoaparar, cortar vt
nick vtr (object) objetocortar, entalhar vt
 fazer uma fenda loc vt
slash vtr (cut: physically)retalhar, cortar vt
trim vtr (cut to reduce size)aparar, cortar vt
trim vtr (hair, beard)aparar, cortar vt
trim vtr (plants, grass, bushes)aparar, cortar vt
cut and paste (re)cortar e colar
cut down uso de substânciareduzir algo
 cortar, derrubar algo
nip it in the bud cortar pela raiz
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