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Traduções principais
cortar vtcut, chop, clip, slice vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
crop out vtr phrasal sep (eliminate: from an image)cortar vt
  recortar vt
lay [sb] off v (make [sb] redundant) (empregados, pessoal)demitir, cortar vt
 The boss told the staff that due to economic problems the company intended to lay off five employees.
intersect vi (meet at a point)cruzar, cortar vt
 The two streets intersect at the church.
cut through [sth] vi + prep (slice through with a blade)cortar, capinar, talhar vt
 I haven't got a clue why he bought that machete, there's no jungle to cut through in Belgium.
cut [sth] vtr (chop, slice [sth])cortar, dividir vt
 She cut the string and opened the package.
 Ela cortou a corda e abriu o pacote.
chop [sth] vtr (wood, tree: cut into pieces)cortar vt
 Charles chopped firewood in preparation for winter.
hack [sth],
hack [sb]
(cut with an axe)cortar vt
  picar vt
 The butcher hacked the meat in the back while his wife managed the store in the front.
nick [sth] vtr (body) (corpo)cortar vt
 Tom nicked his thumb on his new hunting knife.
sever [sth] vtr (cut off physically)cortar vt
 Naomi severed the courgette from the plant.
shear [sth] vtr (cut with shears)cortar vt
  cisalhar vt
 The workman sheared the iron bar.
slash [sth/sb] vtr (cut: physically)retalhar, cortar vt
 The burglar slashed the sofa cushions to see if there was anything hidden inside.
trim [sth] vtr (cut: hair) (cabelo)cortar vt
  (cabelo)aparar vt
 The hairdresser trimmed John's hair.
snip [sth] vtr (cut, trim)cortar, recortar vt
 Jasmine snipped her bangs in front of the mirror.
fell [sth] vtr (tree: chop down) (corte de árvores)cortar, derrubar vt
 The loggers felled several large pine trees.
truncate [sth]
(cut [sth] short)truncar, cortar vt
rout [sth]
(wood: cut grooves)cortar vt
shear [sth] off vtr + adv (remove by cutting, slice away)podar vt
  partir vt
  cortar vt
 The gardener sheared off nearly half the bush to make it even with the rest of the hedge.
cut [sth] away vtr + adv (remove: with blade)cortar, extirpar, remover vt
Nota: single-word form is used when term is a noun or an adj
 To repair the table I had to cut away the damaged veneer and replace it with a matching new piece.
cut [sth] out vtr phrasal sep (remove by cutting) (remover por corte)cortar vt
 The doctors cut the tumour out, removing the cancer.
chop [sth] down vtr phrasal sep (tree: fell, cut down) (árvore)cortar vt
 Pioneers would chop down trees to build their homes.
slice [sth] up vtr phrasal sep (cut into thin pieces) (cortar em pedaços)fatiar vt
  cortar vt
 Slice up the onion but add the olives whole.
split [sth] open vtr phrasal sep (cleave, cut apart)partir vt
  cortar vt
  abrir vt
 He split the coconut open with a hammer.
chop off vtr phrasal sep (sever)cortar vt
  decepar vt
 Before I cook broccoli, I chop off the stems.
chop [sth] up vtr phrasal sep (cut into small pieces) (cortar em pequenos pedaços)picar, cortar vt
  retalhar vt
 Chop up the onions and add them to the pan.
slice off vtr phrasal sep (sever: a thin piece) (cortar: um fino pedaço)fatiar vt
  cortar vt
  partir vt
trim [sth] down,
trim down [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
figurative, informal (edit, cut length of)cortar vt
  reduzir vt
  diminuir vt
 The author's publishers asked her to trim down her novel.
shave [sth] off [sth],
shave [sth] off from [sth]
v expr
figurative (cut, reduce) (figurado)cortar vt
 We need to shave at least one hundred dollars off the budget.
break in vi phrasal figurative (interrupt)interromper vt
  (figurado, informal)cortar vt
 Please excuse me for breaking in.
chop [sth] vtr UK (food: mince, cut into pieces)cortar vt
  picar vt
 Chop the onion before adding it to the stew.
sever [sth] vtr figurative (cut: ties)cortar vt
 Peter has severed all ties to his family.
slit [sth] vtr (cut a slit)cortar vt
 Paula slit the cushion and pulled out the stuffing.
trim [sth] vtr (plant, grass: cut) (grama)cortar vt
  (grama)aparar vt
 Melanie trimmed the hedge to make it look neat.
gash vtr (cut deeply) (cortar profundamente)acutilar, cortar vt
hew vtr (cut down)cortar, derrubar vt
intersect [sth] vtr (cross, cut across)cruzar, cortar vt
  dividir vt
 The highway intersects the town.
scythe [sth] vtr (grass, crops: cut)cortar vt
  ceifar vt
  segar vt
 Janine scythed the long grass.
slim [sth] down vtr phrasal sep figurative (reduce)reduzir vt
  (figurado)cortar vt
 We're going to have to slim down the staff.
cut [sth] out vtr phrasal sep figurative (text, scene: excise) (trecho, cena)cortar vt
  remover vt
 The director cut the scene out from the final version of the film.
nick [sth] vtr (object) (objeto)cortar, entalhar vt
  fazer uma fenda loc vt
  rachar vt
 Bill accidentally nicked the stone counter when he set the pot on it too roughly.
trim [sth] vtr (cut: a beard) (barba)cortar vt
  (barba)aparar vt
 Henry trims his beard regularly.
interrupt vtr (create a break in: sthg)partir, cortar, romper vt
ax [sb] (US),
axe [sb] (UK)
figurative, informal (fire from a job)demitir vt
  cortar vt
 The company plans to ax a dozen employees next month.
 A empresa planeja demitir uma dúzia de funcionários no mês que vem.
manicure vtr (lawn: trim, cut) (grama)cortar, aparar vt
scissor vtr (clip, cut) (com tesoura)cortar, tesourar, recortar vt
  (coloquial)falar mal loc vt
cut [sth] into [sth] vtr + prep (chop up, slice [sth])cortar vt
  fatiar vt
 The mother cut her daughter's dinner into small pieces.
break into [sth] vtr phrasal insep figurative (conversation: interrupt)interromper vt
  (figurado, informal)cortar vt
 Gary broke into our conversation to announce that dinner was ready.
cut into [sth] vi + prep (slice [sth] with a knife, etc.)cortar vt
 The surgeon cut into the patient's chest.
clip [sth] vtr (cut)cortar vt
carve [sth] vtr (meat: cut, slice)cortar vt
 Father always carves the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.
disconnect [sb] vtr (switch off from supply of power, water, etc.) (luz)cortar vt
 The phone company disconnected us because we didn't paid the bill.
pinion [sth] vtr (bird: clip wings)cortar vt
ax [sth] (US),
axe [sth] (UK)
often passive, figurative (TV show, etc.: cancel)cancelar vt
  cortar vt
 The TV channel axed the show due to poor viewing figures.
cut [sth] out vtr phrasal sep figurative, slang (stop) (figurado: eliminar)cortar vt
 If you want to live longer, cut out the stress from your life.
cut [sth] vtr (hair: trim)cortar, aparar vt
 My hair is getting too long, so I'll need to cut it soon.
 O meu cabelo está ficando muito comprido, portanto precisarei cortá-lo em breve.
hash [sth] vtr (mince, chop)cortar
  picar vt
 The cook hashed some potatoes for breakfast.
cut [sb] off vtr phrasal sep (interrupt when speaking)interromper vt
  cortar vt
 Francesca cut me off while I was in the middle of speaking.
nip [sth] off,
nip off [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(remove)cortar vt
 The gardener nipped off the dead flower heads.
cut out vi phrasal (power, electricity: stop) (eletricidade)cortar vt
 The power suddenly cut out and we were plunged into darkness.
cut [sth] vtr figurative (time, text: reduce)cortar vt
 We need to cut some time off the length of this speech.
 Precisamos cortar um pouco do tempo da duração deste discurso.
chine [sth] vtr (meat: cut along backbone)cortar vt
joint [sth] vtr (cut up: a joint of meat)cortar vt
  talhar vt
 The butcher used a cleaver to joint the lamb.
cut [sth] vtr figurative (prices: reduce)cortar vt
  reduzir vt
 The supermarket chain is cutting its prices in order to attract more customers.
cut into [sth/sb] vi + prep (dig: into skin, etc.)cortar vt
 The handle of the shopping bag was cutting into his fingers.
 A alça da sacola de compras estava cortando seus dedos.
Traduções complementares
Cut! interj (cinema: stop filming)cortar v int
 Cut! Let's redo this scene.
 Corta! Vamos refazer essa cena.
cut vi (be able to slice)cortar v int
 Does this knife cut well?
cut vi (undergo slicing) (passar por fatiamento)cortar v int
 The soft cheese cuts well, and does not crumble.
cut vi (do the cutting)cortar v int
 This knife cuts cleanly.
cut vi (cards: divide pack) (baralho)cortar v int
 I'll shuffle the cards and Henry can cut.
cut vi (cards: choose dealer) (cartas)cortar v int
 Let's cut, and the person with the highest card can deal.
cut vi (change direction suddenly)cortar v int
 The basketball player cut to the right and shot the ball.
weave vi figurative (vehicle: move in a zigzag) (figurado, carro)cortar v int
  ziguezaguear v int
 The motorbike was weaving between the cars.
cut to [sth] vi + prep (cinema: make abrupt transition)cortar vt
 It showed the scene of the child playing and then cut to the war scene.
cut into [sth] vi + prep figurative (detract from)diminuir v int
  (figurado)cortar v int
 This recession is really cutting into my luxury lifestyle!
cut into [sth] vi + prep (conversation: interrupt) (figurado)cortar v int
  interromper v int
 Roger apologized for cutting into our conversation, but said that he had some urgent news.
shear through [sth] vi + prep (move as though cutting) (figurado)cortar vt
 The boat sheared through the water.
slice through [sth] vi + prep (cut effortlessly) (sem esforço)cortar vt
 Ned sliced through the packaging.
slice through [sth] vi + prep (move through like a knife)singrar v int
  (figurado, mover-se sobre superfície)cortar vt
 The ship sliced through the water.
do vtr informal (hair: cut, style) (cabelo)cortar vt
  (cabelo)arrumar vt
 She's had her hair done into a bob.
top [sth] vtr (prune: top of a tree) (árvore)aparar, cortar vt
 The gardener topped the tree.
cut [sth] vtr (flower: snip the stalk of)cortar vt
 He cut some flowers to take to his girlfriend.
cut [sth] vtr slang, figurative (omit, cease)cortar vt
 Please cut the jokes. Just tell us what happened.
cut [sth] vtr (intersect)cortar, atravessar vt
 The railway line cuts the highway just beyond the town.
cut [sth] vtr (shape, sculpt)cortar, cinzelar vt
 The stonemason will cut the granite into stepping stones.
cut [sth] vtr (path, swathe: create, make)cortar vt
 He cut a path through the field of corn with his tractor.
cut [sth] vtr (cards, pack: divide)cortar vt
 Do you want to cut the deck, or should I just deal now?
cut [sth] vtr (golf: slice)cortar vt
 If you cut the ball, it will go into the trees.
saw [sth]
(move as if to cut with a saw)cortar vt
 He sawed the air with his hand.
knife vtr (cut)cortar vt
 He said you should knife the plant's bark to make it flower sooner.
crop [sth] vtr (remove, trim)cortar, aparar vt
 The photographer cropped the photo so it would fit in the frame.
score [sth]
(food: cut ridges in) (comida:)cortar vt
 Score the Brussels sprout base for faster cooking time.
chunk [sth] vtr (cut into large pieces) (em pedaços grandes)cortar vt
 Chunk the carrots and then put them in the soup.
mow [sth] vtr (grass, lawn) (grama, gramado)aparar, cortar vt
 Peter mowed his lawn.
prune [sth] vtr figurative (reduce, trim)cortar vt
  reduzir vt
 Business is bad; we're going to have to prune the staff.
slash [sth] vtr (cut: spending) (gastos)cortar vt
 Management slashed this department's budget last year, so there were a number of projects that had to be abandoned.
trim [sth] vtr (cut, reduce size)cortar vt
  reduzir vt
 This department will have to trim its budget next year.
rice [sth] vtr (culinary: chop)cortar vt
 Nathan riced the potato.
rifle [sth] vtr (cut spiral grooves in)cortar vt
 Larry was rifling the barrel of his gun.
trim [sth] vtr figurative (edit, cut)cortar vt
  reduzir vt
  editar vt
 This is a good essay, but it's too long; could you trim it a bit?
dock [sth] vtr (animal's tail: crop)cortar vt
 It is no longer considered desirable to dock dogs' tails.
pierce [sth] vtr figurative (sound: travel) (figurado: som)cortar vt
  furar vt
 A cry pierced the night.
joint [sth] vtr (cut into shape)cortar vt
  desmembrar vt
 Gary jointed the board with a saw to make it fit.
bob [sth] vtr often passive (crop [sth] short)encurtar vt
  cortar vt
 The dog's tail had been bobbed.
nick [sth] vtr (a horse)cortar vt
 Dan nicked the horse's tail.
clip [sth] vtr (shorten a word) (palavras ao falar)cortar vt
  reduzir vt
  encurtar vt
 Susie speaks quickly and clips her words.
trim [sth] vtr (cut to shape or size)cortar vt
 The dressmaker trimmed the material to fit the pattern. The carpenter trimmed the boards to size.
spike [sth] vtr (volleyball)cortar v int
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Formas compostas:
bread board n (surface for slicing)tábua de cortar pão loc sf
 Please cut on the breadboard; if you just cut right on the countertop you'll damage the plastic.
 É favor usar a tábua de cortar pão; se você cortar diretamente na bancada vai danificar o plástico.
chainsaw vtr (cut with a chainsaw)cortar com motosserra loc vt
chopping board n (surface used for chopping food) (para cortar alimentos)tábua de cortar loc sf
  tábua de corte loc sf
 If you cut raw meat on a chopping board, you should wash it thoroughly before using it for vegetables.
cost-cut vi (reduce spending)cortar custos loc v int
cramp [sth] vtr figurative (restrict, hinder [sth](figurado)restringir vt
  (figurado)cortar as asas expres
  (figurado)tolher a liberdade expres
 This author believes that government regulations cramp innovation.
crop [sth] vtr (cut hair close to the scalp) (cabelo)cortar curto loc vt
 The barber crops the hair off of any unfortunate customer, leaving them nearly bald.
crosscut [sth],
UK: cross-cut [sth]
US (cut or move across)cortar transversalmente loc vt
cube vtr (cookery: cut into cubes) (culinária)cortar em cubos loc vt
cut and paste [sth] v expr (text: move) (texto)cortar e colar vt
 To cut and paste text, first highlight the text you wish to move.
cut away to [sth/sb] vi phrasal + prep (TV, film: change shot) (tv, filme)cortar para próxima cena loc vt
cut in two vtr (slice into two parts)cortar em dois loc vt
 The magician appeared to cut his beautiful assistant in two.
cut through [sth] vi + prep informal (take a shortcut)cortar caminho loc vt
 He cut through the neighbours' back yard to get there quicker.
cut [sth/sb] to pieces v expr (slaughter) (trucidar)fazer picadinho, cortar em pedaços loc vt
cut [sth] up,
cut up [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(chop, slice)cortar em pedaços loc vt
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun or is itself a noun
 You have to cut up the chicken into smaller pieces if you want to feed everybody.
cutting board n (surface for chopping food)tábua de cortar sf
 Don't cut the meat directly on the counter. Please use the cutting board.
dice [sth] vtr (cooking: cut into cubes)cortar em cubos expres
 Adam diced the onion and fried it in the oil.
French [sth],
french [sth]
mainly US (culinary: cut into slivers)cortar em tiras loc vt
 It is a good idea to French the beans before cooking them.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. You should French the onions before caramelizing them.
hair clippers npl (device for trimming hair) (cabelos)máquina de cortar ou de tosquiar loc sf
 The barber used the hair clippers to trim Michael's hair.
heartbreaking adj figurative (unbearably sad)doloroso adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  de cortar o coração, de partir o coração loc adj
 It's heartbreaking to see parents neglect their children.
julienne v (cut food into narrow strips)cortar à juliana loc vt
mow vi (lawn, grass)cortar grama, aparar grama loc verb
 Fred mowed once a week.
nick yourself vtr + refl (shaving) (ao barbear-se ou raspar pelos)cortar-se vp
 Kate nicked herself when she was shaving her legs.
scallop [sth] vtr (meat: slice thinly) (culinária, tipo de corte de carne)cortar em escalope loc vt
shiv v slang (cut with a shiv)cortar com canivete loc vt
take the wind out of [sb]'s sails v expr (kill [sb]'s motivation) (informal, figurado: desmotivar alguém)cortar o barato de alguém expres
transect [sth]
(cut across) (cortar através de)cortar transversalmente loc vt
trencher n (flat serving plate)tábua de cortar pão loc sf
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