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criança sfchild, kid, youngster nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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baby n (childish person)criança sf
 When he lost his balloon, he cried like a baby.
child n (boy or girl)criança sf
 That child is definitely male.
child n (baby)criança sf
 The six-month-old child cried all night.
 A criança de seis meses chorou a noite inteira.
child n (immature person)  (imaturo)criança sf
 He is such a child. He should treat others better.
youngster n (child)criança sf
bairn n UK, regional (baby or child)criança sf
kiddie n informal (small child)criança sf
  pequenino sm
rugrat n slang, figurative (crawling infant, young child)  (gíria; criança que engatinha)criança smf
sprog n UK, slang (offspring, child)  (gíria)criança sf
  bebê sm
little kid n (young child)criança sf
  garoto sm
 I used to play marbles a lot when I was a little kid.
kid n (child)criança sf
monkey n (mischievous child)traquinas smf
  criança levada loc sf
 Look at those kids running around. They're a bunch of monkeys!
babyish adj (childish, immature)infantil adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  de criança loc adj
waif n (orphan, homeless child)  (órfão, sem casa)criança abandonada loc sf
changeling n (substituted child)criança trocada loc sf
preschooler n (child under school age)criança pré-escolar loc sf
as easy as pie adj (very easy)fácil como tirar doce de criança expres
bouncing baby n informal, figurative (healthy newborn)criança sadia loc sf
 Congratulations! You've just given birth to a bouncing baby boy.
child's play n figurative ([sth] very easy)  (figurativo - algo muito fácil)moleza sf
  brincadeira de criança
 I finished the crossword puzzle very quickly; it was child's play.
good child n (child who is well behaved)criança bem educada loc sf
 My mother says I was a good child when I was younger.
it's childishly simple informal (it's extremely easy)fácil como tirar doce de criança
 Anyone can pass the driving theory test, it's childishly simple.
kid stuff n informal ([sth] intended for children)  (informal - algo para crianças)coisa de criança loc sf
 Checkers is kids stuff, let's play chess!
kid stuff n informal ([sth] very simple)  (informal - algo muito fácil)coisa de criança loc sf
 I could easily do that, it's kids stuff!
little snot n US, slang, pejorative (brat, unpleasant child)criança mal-educada, criança levada loc sf
 The little snot was stealing the other children's things.
mischievous kid n informal (cheeky or naughty child)criança travessa, criança levada loc sf
 I was such a mischievous kid that they expelled me from kindergarten!
naughty kid n slang (badly-behaved child)criança malcriada, criança levada loc sf
 This naughty kid spilled his milk on purpose.
as a child adv (during childhood)quando criança loc adv
 As a child Henry was scared of dogs, but he later went on to become a vet.
ankle-biter n figurative, slang (small child, toddler)criança pequena loc sf
  cãozinho sm
child custody n (guardianship)custódia infantil loc sf
  guarda da criança loc sf
 In some cases child custody can be awarded to the adoptive parent.
toddler n (1-2 year old child)criança que começa a andar loc sf
bear a child dar à luz (criança)
easy as pie fácil como tirar doce de criança
gifted child criança prodígio
it's child's play é uma brincadeira de criança
mere child simples criança
model child criança modelo
school kid criança em idade escolar
spoiled brat criança levada e mimada
spoiled child criança mimada
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