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decisão decision
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call n (sports: umpire's judgment)  (esporte)decisão sf
 The umpire made a good call.
award n (decision)decisão sf
 The award went in favour of the challenger.
decision n (choice)  (escolha)decisão sf
 Has he made a decision about buying the car yet?
 Ele já tomou uma decisão sobre comprar o carro ou não?
decision n (verdict in law, sports)  (veredito)decisão sf
 The jury's decision is expected soon.
decider n (sport: crucial competition)  (esporte)decisão sf
battle it out vi informal (compete)  (competir)lutar por, lutar pela decisão
 Todd and Tina usually don't compete, but this time they battled it out.
come to a decision v (decide, after much consideration)  (decidir)chegar a uma decisão
 After months of thinking, I've come to a decision on which college to attend.
legal decision n (law: judgement)  (direito: julgamento)decisão legal loc sf
 We don't agree with the court's legal decision and are going to appeal against it.
make a decision v (decide, choose)  (decidir, escolher)tomar uma decisão loc v int
 We couldn't agree on where to eat, so I had to make a decision.
 I have to make a decision between buying the red car or the blue car.
decision maker n (manager)tomador de decisão loc sm
decision making n (management)tomada de decisão loc sf
landmark decision decisão histórica
thrash out considerar bem
  chegar a uma decisão depois de pensar no assunto
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