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dedo smfinger nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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finger n (on hand)  (da mão)dedo sm
 He broke the nail on his index finger.
 Ele quebrou a unha do dedo indicador.
finger n (measure of liquid)  (medida líquida)dedo sm
 Bartender, pour me two fingers of whiskey.
digit n (finger or toe)dedo sm
   (poético)dígito sm
toe n (on foot)  (do pé)dedo sf
whistleblower n (informant)  (informante)delator, dedo-duro sm
fingertip n (end of a finger)ponta do dedo loc sf
fingertip adj UK (search: meticulous)  (procura meticulosa)na ponta do dedo loc adj
toenail n (nail of a toe)unha do dedo do pé loc sf
handpick vtr (select personally)  (selecionar pessoalmente )escolher a dedo loc vt
flip flop
(beach sandal, thong)chinelo sm
  sandália de dedo loc sf
pinkie n (smallest toe)  (do pé)dedo mínimo loc sm
supergrass n UK, slang (criminal informant)informante smf
  dedo-duro, delator sm
finger paint n (paint children apply with fingers)  (tinta para aplicar com os dedos)pintura a dedo loc sf
 The child smeared the blobs of brightly colored finger paint all over the paper.
little finger n (smallest digit of the hand)dedo mindinho loc sm
 I broke my little finger playing cricket last week.
flip-flop n (strapless open-toed sandal)chinelo de dedo loc sm
  sandália de dedo loc sf
 She used her flip flop to kill the giant spider.
flip flops npl (strapless open-toed sandals)chinelo de dedo loc sm
  sandália de dedo loc sf
 It is not a good idea to wear flip-flops when driving.
 Flip flops are very popular during the warm weather of summer months.
digit-sucking n (habit: sucking one's thumb or fingers)  (hábito)chupar o dedo loc vt
 Parents try to stop their children from digit-sucking because it can be harmful for their teeth.
fingertip n (end of a finger)ponta do dedo loc sf
 When you play Bach on the piano, you tend to use your fingertip, and not the flat of your finger.
flip off vtr phrasal sep slang (gesture at obscenely with middle finger)  (gesto obsceno)mostrar o dedo do meio loc vt
 I was extremely offended when the boy who stepped out in front of my car flipped me off.
thong n (shoe: flip-flop)  (chinelo)chinelo de dedo loc sm
green thumb dedo verde
index finger dedo indicador
middle finger dedo do meio
ring finger dedo anular
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