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desejo smdesire, hope, wish, will nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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hope n (desire)desejo sm
  esperança sf
 He has a lot of hopes for the future.
 Ele tem muitos desejos para o futuro.
want n (desire)desejo sm
 He looked at her with want in his eyes.
wish n (desire)desejo sm
  vontade sf
 Her wish is to fall in love.
 O desejo dela é apaixonar-se.
wish n (miracle)desejo sm
 The genie grants you three wishes.
wish n (petition)desejo sm
 My wish is that you will give him his job back.
wish n (sthg desired)desejo sm
 My wish is to visit Japan.
desire n (a want)  (vontade)desejo sm
 He had no desire to visit Mexico.
 Ele não tinha desejo (or: vontade) de visitar o México.
desire n (sexual want)  (sexual)desejo sm
 She could see the desire in her boyfriend's eyes.
desire n (object of desire)  (objeto)desejo sm
 That trophy was their strongest desire.
pleasure n (will, desire)vontade sf
  desejo sm
 What is your pleasure, sir?
craving n (desire)  (desejo)vontade sf
  desejo sm
itch n (desire)desejo sm
lust n figurative (desire)  (figurado)desejo sm
notion n (whim, fancy)desejo, capricho sf
  vontade sf
broody adj informal (woman: wanting a child)  (mulher querendo ter filhos)com desejo loc adj
wanderlust n (desire to travel)desejo de viajar loc sm
keen desire n (enthusiastic wish)desejo ardente loc sm
 She has expressed a keen desire to be introduced to you.
dying wish n (final request before death)último desejo loc sm
 His dying wish was to give all his money to charity.
lust n (sexual desire)  (sexual)desejo, apetite sm
  cobiça, luxúria sf
urge n (desire)motivo, desejo sm
yearning n (desire)anseio, anelo sm
  desejo ardente loc sm
death wish desejo de morrer
grant [sb]'s wish conceder um desejo a alguém
insatiable desire desejo insaciável
make a will fazer um desejo
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