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outgoings npl (costs, expenses)gastos sm pl
  despesas sf pl
expenses npl (costs, money spent)despesas sf pl
overheads npl (business: basic expenses)  (negócios: despesas básicas)despesas gerais loc sfpl
all-expenses-paid adj (incurring no cost, already paid for)com todas as despesas pagas expres
 Geoff won an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii! Lucky guy!
chip in v informal (contribute money to a collection)compartilhar as despesas, dividir
 The three friends decided to chip in to buy John an expensive birthday present.
cargo dues npl (freight charges)despesas de frete loc sfpl
front loading
(concentration of costs or benefits of a project in early period)antecipação de despesas loc sf
charge account conta das despesas
pocket money dinheiro para pequenas despesas
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