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dinheiro money
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money n (currency)  (moeda)dinheiro sm
 I don't have much money. Just three dollars. I need to go to the bank.
 Eu não tenho muito dinheiro. Apenas três dólares. Preciso ir ao banco.
money n (a sum or amount)  (soma ou quantia)dinheiro sm
   (informal)grana sf
 How much money is it? Three hundred dollars!
money n (those with money)  (ricos)dinheiro sm
 The English aristocracy consists mainly of old money.
cover n (money)dinheiro sm
 Do you have enough cover to pay for the meal?
(money)  (condições financeiras)meios, recursos sm pl
   (meios pecuniários)dinheiro sm
 Do you have the means to buy that house?
currency n (medium of monetary exchange, money)dinheiro sm
   (termo técnico)unidade monetária loc sf
 I need to get some foreign currency for my holidays.
 Eu preciso de dinheiro estrangeiro para as minhas férias.
 * A unidade monetária do Brasil é o Real
money n (profits)  (lucro)dinheiro sm
  riqueza sf
 The money is in selling computer services, not software.
monies npl (plural of money)dinheiro sm
bankroll n (ready money, cash)  (dinheiro ''vivo'')dinheiro sm
cash n (money)dinheiro sm
loot n slang (money)  (gíria)dinheiro sm
ready n UK, slang (ready money)  (dinheiro disponível)dinheiro em espécie loc sm
 Have you got the ready?
band n (strip of rubber, material)borrachinha de dinheiro, faixa elástica loc sf
  atilho sm
 He put a rubber band around the papers.
pack vtr colloquial (make a bundle)ganhar rios de dinheiro loc vt
  embolsar vt
 He earned a pack of money last year.
 * He packed away a lot of money.
earn vi (gain income)ganhar dinheiro loc vt
 You can stay at home only because I go out and earn.
laundering n (illegal finances)  (prática financeira ilegal)lavagem de dinheiro loc sf
  branqueamento de capitais loc sm
launder vtr informal (conceal illegality of: money)  (informal)lavar dinheiro loc vt
cashless adj (having no ready money)sem dinheiro loc adj
cashless adj (requiring no exchange of money)  (transação sem dinheiro)sem dinheiro loc adj
blood money n (money paid to a hired killer)dinheiro de sangue loc sm
 Assassins are paid blood money for their work.
blood money n figurative (money earned by sacrificing lives of others)dinheiro de sangue loc sm
 Judas received blood money when he betrayed Jesus.
buying power n (amount of money available to spend)  (quantidade de dinheiro disponível para gastos)dinheiro disponível
cash drawer n (drawer for money in a cash register)gaveta de dinheiro, caixa registradora loc sf
 If you leave the cash drawer open you are encouraging thieves.
cash in vtr (exchange for money)trocar por dinheiro em espécie
 I was short of ready money so I cashed in my shares in M&S.
change machine n (machine that dispenses coins )máquina de trocar dinheiro loc sf
 They've just installed change machines at the car wash.
chicken feed n US informal (insignificant amount of money)  ( informal)pouco dinheiro loc sm
  miséria sf
 To a millionaire, ten dollars is chicken feed.
convert into cash v (goods: exchange for money)  (mercadoria)converter em dinheiro loc vt
cost money v (be expensive)  (ser caro)custar dinheiro loc vt
 If you want the product delivered tomorrow, it'll cost money.
cough up vtr figurative (pay: money owed)  (pagar dívida)soltar o dinheiro loc vt
 We had a bet and you lost - so cough up!
counterfeit money n (fake money)dinheiro falsificado loc sm
 The cashier wouldn't accept the payment because it was made with counterfeit money.
dirty money n figurative (money obtained by immoral means)dinheiro sujo
 The gangsters used various dummy businesses to launder their dirty money.
discretionary income n (money available for non-essential items)dinheiro excedente loc sm
  renda discricionária loc sf
 I spend quite a lot of my discretionary income on music and books.
easy money n informal (money earned through minimal effort)  (informal - renda ganha com pouco esforço)dinheiro fácil loc sm
 The job offer which promised easy money turned out to be fake.
elastic band n (rubber strip for binding items together)elástico sm
  borrachinha de dinheiro loc sf
 Robert used an elastic band to hold all his pens and pencils together.
extort money from vtr (obtain money from by blackmail or coercion)  ( por meio de ameaça, chantagem)extorquir dinheiro de loc vt
for money adv (in exchange for money)por dinheiro loc adv
 I'm in this business for money, not because I like it.
have money vi (not be penniless)  (não faltar dinheiro)ter dinheiro loc v int
 It's wise to have money in the bank..
have money vi (be wealthy)  (ser rico)ter dinheiro loc v int
hoard money vi (accumulate or stash money)acumular, esconder dinheiro loc vt
 Some people hoard money all their lives and die rich.
make money v (make a profit)  (lucrar)fazer dinheiro loc vt
 With each ticket we sell, we make money.
make money v (earn a living)fazer dinheiro loc vt
 She couldn't get a job in the theatre and was forced to make money doing TV commercials.
money belt n (pouch worn round the waist)  (bolsa escondida para dinheiro)porta-dinheiro sm
 Whenever he travelled he wore a money belt hidden beneath his trousers.
money in hand adv (in cash)com dinheiro em espécie loc adv
 He bought the house and still had money in hand to buy furniture.
money in hand n (money, hard cash)dinheiro em espécie loc sm
not for love or money adv (impossible to obtain by any means)nem por todo o dinheiro do mundo expres
 You can't get a table in that restaurant for love or money.
be in debt to [sb] v literal (owe [sb] money)estar em dívida com loc vt
  dever dinheiro a loc vt
cash prize n (money awarded to a competition winner)prêmio em dinheiro loc sm
 He entered the contest for the cash prize.
bet vtr ([sb] money)jogar dinheiro loc vt
bail [sb] out   (da cadeia)libertar alguém
  doar dinheiro
cold cash dinheiro vivo
get your money's worth aproveitar bem o dinheiro
load of money montão de dinheiro
  soma de dinheiro
make a fortune fazer fortuna
  fazer dinheiro
money matter questão de dinheiro
on the money no dinheiro
pocket money dinheiro para pequenas despesas
pretty penny boa quantia de dinheiro
purse strings controlar o dinheiro
spending money dinheiro para gastar
sum of money soma de dinheiro
time is money o tempo é dinheiro
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