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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
direta sf  (eleição)direct election nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (má resposta)back talk nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
mailing n (marketing: mass mailing)  (marketing: onde se armazenam dados de consumidores)mala direta loc sf
snipe n figurative (shot, remark targeted at [sb])  (comentário direcionado a alguém)direta, indireta sf
hotline n (direct phone connection to [sb])linha direta loc sf
bumf n UK, slang, abbr (junk mail: leaflets, etc.)lixo postal loc sm
  mala direta loc sf
mailer n (advertising sent in mail)  (publicidade enviada por correio)mala direta loc sf
bulk mail n (large amount of post delivered cheaply)mala direta sf
 Bulk mail is the polite, commercial term for junk mail.
direct broadcast n (method of satellite broadcasting)transmissão direta
 We don't have cable in this village so we get a direct broadcast signal from satellite.
direct evidence n (law: clear, first-hand proof)  (lei)prova material loc sf
  evidência direta
 There's still not enough direct evidence to know the full truth.
direct line n (instant access, immediate communication)linha direta loc sf
 The vice president has a direct line to the president.
direct dial telephone n (phone service not requiring operator)discagem direta loc sf
 It amazes me that I have direct dial telephone service from the U.S. to Africa.
direct hire n (targeted recruitment)  (sem intervenção de agentes)contratação direta loc sf
 After a successful internship at Flapjack Inc., Julia was a direct hire from college.
direct quotation n (exact wording as uttered)  (palavras exatas)citação direta/ textual loc sf
 It is true that it was a direct quotation but it was taken entirely out of context.
direct remittance n (payment system)remessa direta loc sf
direct communication comunicação direta
direct mail mala-direta
direct question questão direta
truck farming horticultura para venda direta ao público
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