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distribuir distribute
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deal vtr (cards)  (baralho)distribuir vt
 Every person takes a turn and deals the cards.
 As pessoas se revezam e distribuem as cartas.
dish out
informal, figurative (distribute)  (cartas)distribuir vt
 He dished out the cards to all the players.
distribute vtr (hand out)distribuir vt
distribute vtr (divide, share out)  (dividir)distribuir vt
deal out vtr literal (distribute, hand out)distribuir vt
 They deal out the boarding cards at the check-in desk.
mete out vtr (distribute)distribuir vt
 Her manager liked to mete out the most interesting tasks to employees who praised him.
dispense vtr (medication)  (medicação)distribuir vt
dish it out distribuir
issue vtr (distribute)distribuir, entregar vt
  emitir vt
 They're going to issue new membership cards next month.
 Eles vão distribuir (or: entregar) novos cartões de membros no mês que vem.
spread [sth]
(distribute)distribuir, dividir vt
 It's important to spread the wealth.
stream vi figurative (computers)  (computador)transmitir, distribuir vt
 The video streamed from the website to my computer for 45 minutes.
allot vtr (distribute, share out)distribuir, repartir vt
mete vtr (measure out, distribute)distribuir, repartir vt
dish out vtr figurative (dispense, distribute)distribuir, repartir vt
 He can dish out the teasing but he can't take it.
dole out vtr (distribute)aquinhoar, distribuir em quinhões
 The pittance that they dole out wouldn't keep a dog alive.
give out vtr (distribute)distribuir, dar, dispensar vt
 The teacher gives out the notes to the students.
hand out distribuir algo
pass out [sth] distribuir algo
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