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doença sfdisease, illness, sickness nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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disease n (sickness)doença sf
 This disease has killed three people in the last month.
 Esta doença matou três pessoas no último mês.
disease n (disorder, derangement)  (desordem)doença sf
 Her mental disease went away after visits to the psychologists.
malady n literal (ailment, illness)doença sf
  enfermidade sf
ailment adj (illness)indisposição sf
  doença adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  transtorno sm
sickness n (illness)doença sf
bends npl (decompression sickness)  (doença da descompressão)embolia gasosa loc sf
  doença dos mergulhadores loc sf
   (popular)doença do caixão loc sf
sick pay
(wages received while off sick)auxílio-doença sm
VD n abbr (venereal disease)doença venérea loc sf
  DV sgl
Medicaid n US (subsidized healthcare system)  (sistema subsidiário de saúde)Medicaid sm
  auxílio-doença sm
acute disease n (disease that progresses rapidly)doença aguda loc sf
animal disease n (illness occurring in animals)doença dos animais loc sf
 Tuberculosis is an animal disease that is often found in cows.
cardiovascular disease n (disease of heart and blood vessels)doença cardiovascular loc sf
circulatory disease n (disorder of the circulatory system)doença cardiovascular loc sf
 High cholesterol and nearly blocked arteries are signs of circulatory disease.
decompression sickness n (condition affecting divers: the bends)doença de descompressão, mal dos mergulhadores, mal de descompressão
  doença do caixão
 Scuba divers must ascend slowly to avoid decompression sickness.
degenerative disease n (disease that gets progressively worse)doença degenerativa loc sf
 Organs affected by a degenerative disease will deteriorate over time.
degenerative joint disease n (progressive arthritis)artrite degenerativa, doença degenerativa das articulações
  osteoartrite, artrose
 Phil's degenerative joint disease had progressed to the point that he needed help in dressing.
epidemic disease n (disease that spreads rapidly)  (doença que se dissemina rapidamente)doença epidêmica loc sf
 The epidemic disease spread rapidly through the population.
gastrointestinal disease n (disorder of the digestive system)doença gastrointestinal loc sf
 Travelers often drink bottled water to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.
heart disease n (cardiac illness)doença cardíaca loc sf
  cardiopatia sf
 Heart disease is a serious health problem in the modern Western world.
hereditary disease n (disorder passed down genetically)doença hereditária loc sf
 Cystic fibrosis is one of the most common hereditary diseases in Western Europe.
infectious disease n (illness spread by person to person)doença infecciosa loc sf
mental disease n (psychiatric disorder)doença mental loc sf
mental illness n (psychiatric disorder)doença mental loc sf
 In some backward-thinking societies, mental illness is still regarded as something to be ashamed of.
mountain sickness n (illness caused by being at high altitude)doença de altitude elevada loc sf
neurological disease n (disorder of the nervous system)doença neurológica loc sf
 Schizophrenia and bipolar personality represent just two of the many neurological diseases.
illness n (mental illness)doença, enfermidade sf
illness n (sickness)doença, enfermidade sf
chronic disease doença crônica
in sickness and in health na doença e na saúde
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