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Traduções principais
doença sfdisease, illness, sickness nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
disease n (sickness)doença sf
 This disease has killed three people in the last month.
 Esta doença matou três pessoas no último mês.
illness n (sickness)doença, enfermidade sf
 There was an illness going around in school, so Gary's mom pulled him out of school for a week.
ailment n (illness)enfermidade sf
  doença sf
 Kelly's grandmother is afflicted by an unknown ailment.
malady n (ailment, illness)doença sf
  enfermidade sf
 As a child, Cynthia was hospitalized for several maladies.
medical condition n (illness, disease, disorder)doença sf
complaint n (illness, ailment)doença sf
  enfermidade sf
 Grandpa has been suffering from a chest complaint lately.
Traduções complementares
disease n (disorder, derangement) (desordem)doença sf
 Her mental disease went away after visits to the psychologists.
illness n (mental illness)doença, enfermidade sf
 Larry had an illness that made it difficult for him to speak.
sickness n (illness)doença sf
 All the villagers were suffering from a strange sickness.
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Formas compostas:
acute disease n (disease that progresses rapidly)doença aguda loc sf
animal disease n (illness in animals)doença dos animais loc sf
 Tuberculosis is an animal disease that is often found in cows.
the bends npl (decompression sickness)doença descompressiva loc sf
 Arthur suffered from the bends after scuba diving.
cardiovascular disease n (disease of heart and blood vessels)doença cardiovascular loc sf
chronic condition n (long-term illness) (BRA)condição crônica loc sf
  doença crônica loc sf
 The doctor says that they have medicines to treat chronic conditions.
chronic disease n (long-term illness)doença crônica sf
 Janine is suffering from some kind of chronic disease.
circulatory disease n (disorder of the circulatory system)doença cardiovascular loc sf
 High cholesterol and nearly blocked arteries are signs of circulatory disease.
degenerative disease n (disease that gets progressively worse)doença degenerativa loc sf
 Organs affected by a degenerative disease will deteriorate over time.
degenerative joint disease n (progressive arthritis)artrite degenerativa, doença degenerativa das articulações
  osteoartrite, artrose
 Phil's degenerative joint disease had progressed to the point that he needed help in dressing.
a dose n slang (venereal disease)doença venérea loc sf
 You remember that guy I went out with last year? It turns out he gave me a dose.
epidemic disease n (disease that spreads rapidly) (doença que se dissemina rapidamente)doença epidêmica loc sf
 The epidemic disease spread rapidly through the population.
gastrointestinal disease n (disorder of the digestive system)doença gastrointestinal loc sf
 Travelers often drink bottled water to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.
glandular fever n UK (infection: mononucleosis) (infecção: mononucleose)mononucleose infecciosa loc sf
  (pop)doença do beijo loc sf
  febre glandular loc sf
heart disease n (cardiac illness)doença cardíaca loc sf
  cardiopatia sf
 Heart disease is a serious health problem in the modern Western world.
hereditary disease n (disorder passed down genetically)doença hereditária loc sf
 Cystic fibrosis is one of the most common hereditary diseases in Western Europe.
in sickness and in health adv (no matter what happens) (votos matrimoniais)na saúde e na doença expres
  não importa o quê, em qualquer situação expres
 Tony has always taken seriously his vows to love his wife in sickness and in health.
infectious disease n (illness spread by person to person)doença infecciosa loc sf
Medicaid n US (subsidized healthcare system) (sistema subsidiário de saúde)Medicaid sm
  auxílio-doença sm
Nota: In the US, a programme to provide health insurance to those on low incomes.
 Luisa enrolled in Medicaid after she lost her job.
mental disease n (psychiatric disorder)doença mental loc sf
mental illness n (psychiatric disorder)doença mental loc sf
 In some backward-thinking societies, mental illness is still regarded as something to be ashamed of.
mountain sickness n (illness caused by being at high altitude)doença de altitude elevada loc sf
neurological disease n (disorder of the nervous system)doença neurológica loc sf
 Schizophrenia and bipolar personality represent just two of the many neurological diseases.
plant disease n (blight that afflicts plants) (pulgão que afeta plantas)doença de plantas loc sf
  fitopatologia sf
  (informal)pulgão sm
plant pathology n (botany: diseases in plants) (botânica: doenças nas plantas)patologia vegetal loc sf
  doença de plantas loc sf
platelet disorder n (type of blood disease) (tipo de doença sanguínea)doença plaquetária loc sf
  disfunção das plaquetas loc sf
  doença imunológica sf
radiation sickness n (illness caused by radiation)doença da radiação sf
  síndrome aguda da radiação sf
regional disease n (disease that spreads into surrounding tissue) (doença que espalha pelos tecidos adjacentes)doença localizada loc sf
  patologia localizada loc sf
respiratory disease n (breathing disorder) (disfunção respiratória)doença pulmonar loc sf
  doença respiratória loc sf
 The smog was a contributing factor to his respiratory disease. He had a respiratory disease which caused him to be short of breath.
sick leave,
UK: also sickness leave
(time off work for illness) (tempo afastado do serviço por doença)afastamento por doença sm
  licença por doença sf
 Freddy's teacher has been on sick leave for three weeks or more.
sick list n (register of staff who are ill) (registro de quais funcionários estão doentes)lista de afastados por enfermidade sf
  lista de afastados por doença sf
 The company currently has a long sick list because so many people have got the flu.
sick mind n (unhealthy mental state) (estado mental não sadio)doença mental sf
sick pay n (compensation for absence while ill) (compensação por ausência devido à doença)indenização por doença sf
  subsídio por enfermidade sm
  indenização por enfermidade sf
 I've already used up all my sick pay for this financial year.
skin disease n (condition affecting the skin) (condição que afeta a pele)doença de pele sf
 Melanoma is a dangerous skin disease.
sleeping sickness n (encephalitis) (encefalite)encefalite letárgica sf
  (informal, pop.)doença do sono sf
sleeping sickness n (infection causing fatigue) (infecção que causa fadiga)encefalite letárgica sf
  (informal)doença do sono sf
social disease n (sexually-transmitted condition) (doença transmitida pelo sexo)doença sexualmente transmissível sf
  (sigla)DST sf
VD n informal, initialism (venereal disease)doença venérea loc sf
  DV sigla
 Irene's husband had caught VD in an adulterous relationship.
venereal disease n (sexually-transmitted infection) (infecção sexualmente transmissível)doença venérea sf
  doença sexualmente transmissível sf
  (sigla)DST sf
 His test results showed that he had contracted a venereal disease.
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