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domestic n (household servant)doméstico, doméstica sm, sf
 A team of domestics was cleaning the house.
domestic n informal, UK (violent incident between couple)incidente de violência doméstica loc sm
 The police were called to a domestic in the next street when a couple's drunken argument turned violent.
domestic n informal, UK (argument between couple)briga doméstica, briga de casal loc sf
 Some friends invited me to dinner last night; it was a lovely evening, although they did have bit of a domestic over who was going to do the washing up.
domestic economy n (economy of a given country)economia doméstica loc sf
 The domestic economy is affected in large part by the global economy
domestic policy n (country's internal laws)política doméstica, política interna loc sf
 It's hard to say whether his failures were greater in his domestic policy or in his foreign policy.
domestic servant n (person employed to do household chores)doméstico, doméstica sm, sf
 She was found to have employed an illegal immigrant as a domestic servant.
domestic violence n (physical abuse in the home)violência doméstica loc sf
home economics n (school: cookery, textiles, etc.) (matéria acadêmica)economia doméstica sf
 Home economics was only required for young women when I was a child; but it was the boys who needed it the most.
housekeeper n (servant)empregada sf
  doméstica sf
  empregada doméstica loc sf
 Jane left the dirty dishes for the housekeeper and went to work.
housekeeping n (chores in home: cleaning, etc.)tarefa doméstica sf
  serviço doméstico sm
 Jill's mom always makes her help with the housekeeping.
housemaid n (female servant)empregada doméstica loc sf
 Amelia found work as a housemaid at a mansion.
maid n (domestic servant)criada, empregada doméstica sf
 Erin worked as a maid for a rich family while she was in college.
skivvy n UK, informal, pejorative (servant)empregada doméstica loc sf
  criada sf
 The lady of the house accused the skivvy of stealing the silver.
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