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dor sfpain, ache nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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hurt n (pain)dor adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 The hurt just won't go away. I'm going to take some aspirin.
pain n (sensation)  (sensação desagradável)dor sf
 He had a pain in his leg after the game.
 Depois do jogo sentiu uma dor na perna.
pain n figurative (mental distress)dor sf
 We had to go through a lot of pain to get to where we are in life.
(instances of pain)dor sm
 I have been having pains in my stomach all day long.
(childbirth)dor sm
 The pains were terrible, but she was determined to give birth naturally.
dolor n archaic (pain)dor sf
dolor n archaic (sorrow)  (tristeza)dor sf
ache n (pain)dor sf
sorrow n (extreme sadness)dor sf
  pesar sm
trouble n (cause of annoyance)problema sf
  dor de cabeça expres
 This washing machine is nothing but trouble.
trouble n (improper functioning)problema sf
  dor de cabeça expres
 This washing machine is always giving trouble.
bite vi informal (sting)causar dor loc v int
 Antiseptic on an open cut really bites.
toothache n (pain in a tooth)dor de dente loc sf
backache n (pain in one's back)dor nas costas loc sf
earache n (pain in the ear)dor de ouvido loc sf
gripe n (digestive pain)  (dor digestiva)cólica sf
  dor de barriga loc sf
stomachache n (pain in the stomach)dor de estômago loc sf
  dor de barriga loc sf
bellyache n informal (pain in the stomach)dor de barriga loc sf
achy adj (person: in pain or discomfort)  (pessoa )com dor loc adj
a pain n literal (physical discomfort)  (desconforto físico)dor, sofrimento sm
agonizing pain n (extreme physical discomfort)dor agonizante loc sf
 The agonizing pain of the injury caused her to scream uncontrollably.
bone pain n (aching or painful bones)dor nos ossos loc sm
 My mother is suffering from bone pain; she can't move her legs because it hurts so much.
cause pain v (hurt physically)  (fisicamente)fazer sofrer, causar dor
 As a nurse, I sometimes had to perform procedures that caused people pain.
cause pain v (torment, hurt emotionally)  (emocionalmente )fazer sofrer, causar dor
 Although I didn't want to cause him pain, I felt that I had no choice but to tell him about his wife's infidelity.
double up with pain vi (bend forward in sudden pain)dobrar de dor
 Each time the cramp returned he would scream and double up with pain.
inflict pain vi (cause suffering)infligir dor, causar dor loc vt
 The point of torture is to inflict pain on somebody in order to dehumanize them.
lower back pain n (discomfort in lowest part of the back)  (dor ou rigidez na região baixa das costas)dor lombar loc sf
  lumbago sm
 Poor posture can result in lower back pain.
muscle soreness n (muscular pain or ache)dor muscular loc sf
 If you experience muscle soreness during exercise, it is time to stop.
chest pain n (severe discomfort in upper abdomen)dor no peito loc sf
  angina sf
 A heart attack causes chest pain.
eye ache n (pain or strain in the eye area)dor no olho loc sf
ache vi (hurt)doer v int
  sentir dor loc v
distress n (physics)  (física)dor intensa loc sf
   (situação perigosa)perigo sm
headache n (body)  (corpo)dor de cabeça loc sf
headache n (difficult issue)  (tema difícil)dor de cabeça loc sf
headache n (person)  (pessoa)dor de cabeça loc sf
acute pain dor aguda
body pain dor no corpo
shooting pain dor aguda
sore head dor de cabeça
splitting headache dor de cabeça terrível
throbbing pain dor latejante
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