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dormir v intsleep vi
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rest vi (sleep)dormir v int
 I rested for seven hours last night.
sleep vi (in bed generally) regularmente na camadormir v int
 I slept for nine hours last night.
 Dormi nove horas a noite passada.
sleep vi (be inattentive)dormir v int
 The man was sleeping and didn't notice it was his turn.
crash vi slang (sleep)dormir v int
 He crashed at my house Saturday night.
sleep vi (have sex) ter relação sexualdormir juntos loc v int
 They slept together in a cheap motel.
waste vtr (opportunity) oportunidadedesperdiçar vt
 gíriadormir no ponto loc vt
 He wasted his chances at college and did not study.
 * O vendedor dormiu no ponto perdendo a oportunidade de fazer um bom negócio.
slumber vi (sleep, doze)dormir, cochilar v int
bedtime n (usual time of going to bed)hora de dormir loc sf
bedtime adj (relating to bedtime) relativo ahora de dormir loc adj
oversleep vi (fail to wake on time)dormir demais loc v int
 perder a hora loc v int
alcove n (recess, nook) recessoalcova sf
 nicho sm
 quarto de dormir loc sm
nightcap n (alcoholic drink before bedtime)bebida antes de ir dormir loc sf
nightcap n (soft hat worn for sleep)touca de dormir loc sf
 barrete sm
nightwear n (sleepwear, nighttime clothing)roupa de dormir loc sf
sleepwear n (nightclothes)roupa de dormir loc sf
asleep at the switch adj colloquial, US (negligent, failing to pay attention) negligente, desatentodormir no ponto expres
 I'm sorry; I should have understood what you wanted. I was asleep at the switch.
conk out vi slang (person: fall asleep) pessoadormir, cair no sono v int
 The little boy conked out after playing all day.
bedtime story história de dormir
dead to the world dormir profundamente
put to bed pôr para dormir
 completar, terminar algo
sleep around ser promíscuo
 gíriadormir com todo mundo
sleep in dormir no emprego
 dormir até tarde
sleep together dormir juntos
sleep with dormir com
 ter relações sexuais com
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