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economia sf  (moderação nos gastos)economy, thrift nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (teoria econômica)economics nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
economics n s (university)  (universidade)economia sf
economics npl (financial considerations)  (considerações financeiras)economia sf
economy adj (for saving)  (para economizar)economia sf
economy n (of nation)  (de nação)economia sf
economy n (thriftiness)  (parcimônia)economia sf
thrift n (saving, careful spending)economia, parcimônia sf
agrarian economy n (economy relying on farming)economia agrária loc sf
 Much of the state of Mississippi is still dependent on an agrarian economy.
capitalist economy n (economy based on free market)economia capitalista
 In a pure capitalist economy the government is supposed to interfere as little as possible.
domestic economy n (economy of a given country)economia doméstica loc sf
 The domestic economy is affected in large part by the global economy
healthy economy n (situation of financial prosperity)economia saudável loc sf
 In a healthy economy there is moderate inflation and moderate unemployment.
home economics n (school: cookery, textiles, etc.)  (matéria acadêmica)economia doméstica loc sf
 Home economics was only required for young women when I was a child; but it was the boys who needed it the most.
local economy n (commercial and financial situation of an area)economia local loc sf
 The local economy is lagging behind the national.
 The local economy relies greatly on tourism.
mixed economy n (economy based on a mix of ideologies)economia mista loc sf
 A an economic system that combines private and state enterprises is known as a mixed economy.
national economy n (financial situation of a country)economia nacional loc sf
 Everyone seems to be worried about the national economy these days.
cost savings npl (measures to reduce expense)economia de custos loc sf
booming economy economia em expansão
diversified economy economia diversificada
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