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efeito effect
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cut n US (baseball)  (beisebol)efeito sm
 His curve ball has a wicked cut.
effect n (efficacy)  (eficácia)efeito sm
 The government intervention had no effect.
 A intervenção do governo não surtiu efeito.
effect n (meaning)  (significado)efeito sm
 The effect of his look was clear. He was very angry.
effect n (visual or audio device)efeito sm
 The band used some lighting effects in their show.
effect n (appearance)  (aparência)efeito sm
 This make-up creates a lovely effect.
effect n (physics: phenomenon)  (física)efeito sm
 The Doppler Effect can be heard.
work vi (be useful, effectual)  (produzir resultado)funcionar v int
  surtir efeito loc v int
 Did the medicine work?
 O remédio surtiu efeito?
effect n (consequence)efeito, resultado sm
 The effect of toasting bread for too long is burnt toast.
 O efeito (or: resultado) de torrar o pão por muito tempo é uma torrada queimada.
fallout n figurative (negative consequences)  (figurado)efeito colateral adverso loc sm
aftereffect n (consequence)  (consequência)efeito subsequente, efeito posterior, efeito secundário loc sm
googly n (cricket: ball bowled to take an unexpected direction)  (críquete)bola com efeito loc sf
soundbite n (succinct statement or quotation)frase de efeito loc sf
catch phrase
(motto, slogan)  (slogan)frase chamativa, frase feita, frase de efeito loc sf
 The comedian repeated his catchphrase at every possible opportunity.
 Many radio program hosts have a catch phrase which they say at the end of every program to help people remember them.
come down vi slang (cease to feel psychological effects of drug)  (gíria - de drogas)passar o efeito
 That weed was so good that it took me 3 hours to finally come down.
for practical purposes adv (effectively)  (efetivamente)com efeito advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 He isn't a licensed mechanic but his work's good for practical purposes.
greenhouse effect n (environment: global warming)  (retenção do calor na atmosfera)efeito estufa loc sm
 Temperatures are gradually rising globally due to the greenhouse effect.
null and void adj (not valid)  (sem validade, efeito ou valor)nulo e inválido, sem efeito loc adj
 A new law makes our contract null and void.
carbon emissions npl (greenhouse gases)emissão de carbono loc sf
  efeito estufa loc sm
desired effect n (intended result or impact)efeito esperado loc sm
 Wearing a scary mask on Halloween got the desired effect: everyone was scared.
dihedral effect n (rolling of an aircraft)  (aviação)efeito diedro loc sm
Driving While Intoxicated n (operating a vehicle while drunk)dirigir sob efeito de álcool loc vt
 As state law has developed, it has provided increasingly severe penalties for driving while intoxicated. .
effect size n (statistics: strength of relationship between variables.)  (estatística)tamanho do efeito loc sm
hangover n figurative (after-effect)  (figurado)efeito secundário loc sm
cause and effect causa e efeito
domino effect efeito dominó
have a strong effect ter um forte efeito
have an effect ter um efeito
hit home causar grande efeito
  afetar pessoal e/o emocionalmente
in effect em efeito
side effect efeito colateral
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