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eletrônico electronic
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electronics npl (electronic systems) sistema eletrônicoeletrônico sm
electronic adj (device) aparelhoeletrônico adj
electronic adj (electrons) elétroneletrônico adj
ATM n abbr, esp US (cash dispenser) abrev. decaixa eletrônico loc sm
tagging n (electronic monitoring)monitoramento eletrônico loc sm
 etiquetagem sf
circuitry n literal (electronic circuit)circuito eletrônico loc sm
 conjunto de circuitos loc sm
electronic device n (gadget, piece of technology) aparelho elétrico de tecnologiaaparelho eletrônico loc sm
 He can't stand it if he doesn't have the newest and latest electronic device.
electronic timer n (electronic device for timing [sth]) aparelhos eletrônicos para determinar o tempo de algotemporizador eletrônico loc sm
 timer sm
cash machine n UK (ATM, money dispenser)caixa automático loc sm
 caixa eletrônico loc sm
 I'll have to get some money out of the cash machine before I can go shopping.
banking machine n (ATM, cashpoint) terminal bancáriocaixa eletrônico loc sm
 In the U.S., cash dispensers are called automatic teller machines, and in Canada they are called automatic banking machines.
electronic press kit n (multimedia promotional material)material publicitário eletrônico loc sm
electronic records npl (history or log stored digitally)registro eletrônico loc sm
 Many companies are using electronic records instead of paper files.
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