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in adv (at home, in one's office)em casa loc adv
 Is Bob in today?
inside adv (indoors)  (em local fechado)em casa loc adv
 I stay inside when it is cold outside.
 Fico em casa quando faz frio lá fora.
at home adj (comfortable, at ease)em casa loc adj
 Please come in and make yourself at home!
at home adv literal (in one's own house)em casa loc adv
 I left my wallet at home.
at home n (social reception at one's home)  (recepção social)em casa loc adv
homework n US (work done at home)  (trabalho trazido à casa)trabalho em casa loc sm
 I am so busy at the office, I have started doing homework to catch up.
homeworker n ([sb] who works from home)trabalhador em casa loc sm
at home with adv (comfortable or familiar with)  (confortável)em casa com loc adv
bring home vtr informal (introduce boy- or girlfriend to one's parents)  (apresentar namorado(a) aos pais)trazer em casa loc vt
 When my niece brought her boyfriend home, my brother was not pleased.
get in vi informal (arrive home)chegar em casa loc v int
 Sorry I missed you, but I got in late last night.
hubba hubba interj US, slang (expressing sexual attraction)  (inf., expressão de atração sexual)oba!, ê lá em casa! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Hubba hubba was a World War II G.I.'s expression of appreciation for a pretty girl.
be in vi phrasal (be at home)estar em casa loc v int
be home alone vi (child: be left unsupervised)  (sem supervisão)estar em casa sozinho loc v int
 Since Billy's parents were out for the day, he was left home alone.
be at home estar em casa
eat in comer em casa
make you feel at home fazer-te sentir em casa
make yourself at home sentir-se em casa
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