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up adj (to the north)em cima, no norte
 They are up in New York.
top vtr (surmount with sthg)colocar em cima loc vt
  coroar vt
  completar com algo em cima loc vt
 The tripod was topped with a telescope.
atop adv (at the top)em cima, no alto loc adv
come down on vtr figurative, informal (reprimand or punish severely)  (informal - repreender)cair em cima
hit upon vtr slang (try to seduce)  (paquerar, seduzir)dar em cima de loc vt
close watch n (vigil)vigilância sf
  marcação em cima loc sf
 Parents of teenagers have to keep a close watch on everything they do.
cutting it close n informal, figurative (act of finishing [sth] just in time)término em cima do prazo loc sm
lash out at cair em cima de
on the dot no ponto
  em cima da pinta
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