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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
encerrar vt terminarconclude, close, finish vtr
 abranger, incluirenclose, encompass vtr
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
close, close [sth] vtr (conclude) concluirencerrar vt
 The final speaker closed the session.
rest vtr (law: conclude) jurid, concluirencerrar vt
 The prosecution rested its case after it felt that it had presented all the evidence.
close down, closedown vi (business: cease trading) negóciosencerrar v int
Note: single-word form used when term is a noun
 When the doctor was killed they had to close down the clinic.
pen up encerrar
end, end [sth] vi (finish)acabar, encerrar vt
 The concert ended with a Mozart violin concerto.
 O concerto acabou (or: encerrou) com um concerto de violino de Mozart.
close, close [sth] vtr (finalize)encerrar, fechar vt
 Let's close the negotiations now.
 Vamos encerrar (or: fechar) as negociações aqui.
encapsulate vtr (enclose)encerrar, incluir vt
encase vtr (enclose, cover)revestir, encerrar vt
impound vtr (lock up) fecharencerrar, trancar vt
box in vtr (restrict, confine)encerrar, confinar
 I missed my highway exit because I was boxed in in the wrong lane.
hem in vtr (confine, enclose)cercar, encerrar, confinar vt
 Troops were dispatched to hem in the enemy, until artillery could be brought up to pound them into submission.
enclose vtr (close)encerrar, incluir vt
 murar, cercar vt
encompass vtr (include)encerrar, circundar, abranger vt
ring off desligar o telefone
 encerrar uma ligação
shut away encerrar, trancar
shut up encerrar, confinar, aprisionar
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