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enganar vt  (iludir, lograr)fool, trick, deceive vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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fool [sb]
(deceive)enganar vt
 She fooled him into believing that she was younger.
 Ela enganou-o, fazendo com que ele acreditasse que ela era mais nova.
screw vtr informal (cheat)enganar vt
 The embezzler had screwed the system.
shake vtr slang (elude)enganar vt
 I can't shake the police!
hoax vtr (deceive by hoax)  (pregar uma peça)lograr vt
  burlar vt
  enganar vt
cheat on trair alguém
take [sb]
informal, figurative (cheat, rob)  (trapacear)roubar, enganar, ludibriar vt
 He realized that he had been taken when the camera he bought had no working parts inside.
mistake [sth] for [sth] else
(choose wrongly)  (escolher mal)equivocar-se, enganar-se v pron
 I mistook the car for a newer model and paid too much for it.
snow vtr slang (deceive)enganar, iludir vt
 We really snowed the police back there with that crazy story!
trick vtr (deceive)  (cometer fraude, iludir)enganar, lograr vt
 I can't believe that I was tricked into buying that.
 Não acredito que me enganaram para que eu comprasse aquilo.
trick vtr (cheat)  (fazer charlatanismo, agir como um patife)enganar, lograr vt
 I didn't want to buy the ticket -- I was tricked!
 Eu não queria ter comprado as entradas - fui enganada!
dupe vtr (deceive, trick)enganar, fraudar, ludibriar vt
snooker vtr UK, slang (lead into a trap)  (gíria)enganar, ludibriar vt
bamboozle vtr (deceive, trick)enganar, iludir vt
beguile vtr (deceive)iludir, enganar vt
ensnare vtr (trap, entrap)  (numa armadilha)pegar, apanhar vt
  enganar, ludibriar vt
diddle vtr slang (cheat, con)enganar, lograr, trapacear vt
  abusar da boa-fé loc vt
entrap vtr (catch by deception)ludibriar, enganar vt
  lograr vt
hoodwink vtr informal (deceive, trick)enganar, enrolar vt
bilk [sb]
(swindle)enganar, ludibriar, lograr vt
chicane vi (trick or deceive [sb])enganar, iludir v int
flub [sth]
(mistake, blunder)cometer uma gafe loc vt
  enganar-se vp
shortchange [sb]
literal (return insufficient money to)enganar no troco loc vt
shortchange [sb]
informal, figurative (cheat out of [sth], deprive of [sth])  (inf., fig.)enganar, ludibriar, defraudar vt
   (informal)passar a perna loc vt
lead [sb] down garden path vtr (deceive )desencaminhar, enganar vt
 I never suspected he was just leading me down the garden path.
mislead [sb] v (deceive [sb] into believing [sth] untrue)  (alguém)enganar, iludir vt
 When I saw how old she was, I knew my desire had misled me once again.
blunder vi (make a mistake)enganar-se vp
deceive vtr (fool [sb])  (enganar alguém)enganar, ludibriar vt
mislead vtr (to believe sthg wrong)  (acreditar em algo errado)enganar, iludir vt
misunderstand vi (understand wrong)  (entender errado)equivocar-se, enganar-se vp
stumble vi (make errors)  (cometer erros)errar, falhar v int
  enganar-se vp
cheat death enganar a morte
deceive yourself enganar a si mesmo
fall for apaixonar-se por
  deixar-se seduzir ou enganar por
kid yourself enganar a si mesmo
slip up errar, enganar, fracassar
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