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entender vt  (compreender)understand vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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get [sth]
informal (understand)entender vt
 Do you get what I'm saying?
 Entendes o que estou dizendo?
know vtr (be conversant with)entender vt
  saber sobre loc vt
 He knows football better than anyone.
follow vtr (understand)entender vt
 Do you follow what I'm saying?
understand vtr (comprehend)entender vt
 Do you understand what I'm saying?
 Você entende o que estou dizendo?
understand vtr (infer)  (inferir)entender vt
 He understood me to say that I was angry.
understand vtr (grasp the concept of)entender vt
 She doesn't understand algebra.
understand vtr (interpret)  (interpretar)entender vt
 She can't understand the instructions.
understand vtr (be conversant with)entender vt
 I don't fully understand the traffic laws, so I can't advise you.
understand vtr (accept with tolerance)  (aceitar)entender vt
 Although I don't agree with him, I understand his point of view.
appreciate vtr (understand)entender vt
 I hope that you can appreciate my point of view.
catch vtr (hear, understand)entender vt
   (gíria)pescar vt
 I didn't catch what you said.
 Eu não entendi o que disseste.
 Eu não pesquei o que disseste.
come to grips with vtr (gain an understanding of)entender vt
 One must read a work of philosophy several times in order to come to grips with it.
dig out enfiar
get it entender
miss [sth]
(fail to hear)  (negativo)não entender loc vt
  não escutar loc vt
 I'm sorry, I missed what you said.
 Desculpa-me, não entendi o que disseste.
see vi (understand)  (compreender)ver, entender v int
 I see. So that's why you weren't home.
 Eu vejo (or: entendo). Então é por isso que você não estava em casa.
reach vtr (mentally)  (mentalmente)fazer entender loc vt
 I've explained the problem to him many times, but you just can't reach him.
read vtr (interpret)  (interpretar)ler, entender vt
 I read the article as critical of the government. What do you think?
 Leio (or: entendo) o artigo como crítica ao governo. O que você acha?
sense vtr (understand)compreender, entender vt
 Given the situation, I could sense the distress he felt .
understand vtr (assume)reconhecer, entender vt
 I understand that the situation is grave.
hear vtr (understand)entender, escutar vt
 I hear you, but I don't agree.
mishear vtr (hear incorrectly)ouvir mal loc vt
  entender mal loc vt
catch on vi (understand)entender, compreender v int
 I told her that he'd poisoned his wife with arsenic, but she didn't catch on.
gain understanding of vtr (learn about, come to know)  (vir a saber)entender, aprender vt
 After playing he began to gain an understanding of the game.
get along vi informal (be on friendly terms)  (com alguém)entender-se, dar-se bem loc vp
 My friends and I get along very well.
latch on (to) v (grasp, understand)compreender, entender vt
not understand vtr (be confused by)  (ficar confuso)não entender loc vt
 I could not understand the difference between baking and cooking.
 I'm afraid I do not understand what you mean.
not understand vtr (have no empathy for)  (não ter empatia por)não entender loc vt
 She does not understand your situation.
 You just do not understand why I'm so upset.
be fully conversant with [sth] v (have complete working knowledge of [sth])ter conhecimento pleno em loc vt
  entender muito de
 He is fully conversant with several programming languages, so he should find a job easily.
drive [sth] home v figurative (instil or impress the truth of [sth])  (fig, fazer com que seja claramente compreendido)fazer entender loc vt
 My dad's funeral really drove home the fact that he was gone forever.
dig n (comment)  (comentário)entender, perceber vt
misunderstand vtr (understand [sb] wrong)  (entender alguém erradamente)interpretar mal, entender mal loc vt
dawn on começar a entender
   (gíria)cair a ficha
drum into fazer entender
easy to understand fácil de se entender
get the picture entender o ponto
hard to understand difícil de entender
make oneself clear fazer-se entender
see the light entender a verdade, perceber
  sair para o mundo
  tornar-se famoso
take it receber
  pensar, entender, supor
  agüentar a parada
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