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Traduções principais
entrada sf (ingresso, admissão)entrance nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  (da casa, etc)entrance nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
fee n (payment for service, admission, etc.)entrada sf
  taxa de admissão loc sf
 The admission fee to the zoo is cheap.
 A entrada no zoológico é barata.
UK: starter
US (small portion before meal)entrada sf
  tira-gosto sm
 Would you like to order an appetizer before the main course?
 Gostaria de pedir uma entrada antes do prato principal?
 Ela serviu um tira-gosto com drinques antes da janta.
entrance n (building: lobby, hall) (prédio: saguão, corredor)entrada sf
 The building had a grand entrance that was shared by all the apartments.
entry n (permission to enter)entrada sf
 The owner of the stately home granted entry to the public at the weekends.
gateway n (entrance)passagem sf
  entrada sf
 The tourists entered the castle through the main gateway.
starter n (food: first course)entrada sf
 The waiter served the diners their starters.
UK, French (dish: starter)entrada sf
 The entrée was a small plate of artichoke hearts.
 A entrada foi um pequeno prato de alcachofras.
doorway n (physical: entrance, portal)entrada sf
  portal sm
 A gang of reporters filled up the doorway.
indentation n (text: indenting from margin) (texto)indentação, entrada sf
 When creating a new paragraph, some writers use indentation on the first line.
doorstep n (step at entrance) (degrau da porta)soleira, entrada sf
  umbral sm
 Roxanne tripped over the doorstep as she entered the building.
admittance n (entry, permission to enter)acesso sm
  entrada sf
 Admittance into the course is dependent on grades.
entryway n (hallway, entrance)entrada sf
headword n (guide word in a dictionary) (palavra-chave no dicionário)entrada sf
  verbete sm
down payment,
(sum paid in advance) (de prestação)entrada sf
 If you want that home loan, you will have to provide a 20% down payment.
 Se quiser aquele empréstimo imobiliário, você precisará dar uma entrada de 20%.
way in n literal (entrance) (entrada)entrada sf
 Where's the way in to the shopping mall?
dinner starter n (first course of an evening meal) (de jantar)entrada sf
input n (power to a machine)entrada sf
 Turn off the electrical input before attempting a repair.
 Desligue a entrada elétrica antes de tentar reparar.
entrance n (door, way in) (portão, acesso)entrada sf
 Tina walked all the way around the building, looking for the entrance.
entry n (person: coming in)entrada sf
 Tom was always cheerful and his entry lightened the atmosphere in the room.
gateway to [sth] n figurative (to success, etc) (figurado: para o sucesso)entrada sf
  porta sf
 Kelly considered higher education to be a gateway to a better life.
admission n (entry)entrada sf
  acesso sm
 The tickets will grant you admission for the entire day.
inflow n US (inlet)entrada sf
 Two inflows to the lake were clogged with debris.
penetration n (entry)entrada sf
 Javier's goal was penetration into the elite circle of art critics.
way in n figurative (means of access) (meios de acesso)entrada sf
  porta sf
  chave de acesso sf
 Sleeping with the boss is not the way in to high society.
input n (computers: entry) (informática)entrada sf
  input estrang
 The server is having trouble with Cyrillic input.
 O servidor está tendo problemas com as entradas em cirílico.
entry n (in log, record) (registro)entrada sf
 I see there are two entries in the database for Mr Smith; we need to delete one of them.
admission n (cost of entry)ingresso sm
  entrada sf
 How much is admission to the 8:00 show?
entrée n literary, formal, French (act of entering)entrada sf
 His entrée, with an actress on his arm, caught everyone's attention.
 A entrada dele, com uma atriz nos braços, chamou a atenção de todos.
tackle n (sports: bring to ground) (esporte: derrubar o adversário para impedir que avance com a bola)entrada sf
  (futebol americano)placagem sf
  (futebol)entrada em carrinho sf
 The tackle stopped the rugby player from scoring a try.
Traduções complementares
approach n (driveway, path)caminho, acesso sm
  entrada sf
 The approach to the house was lined with trees.
cover charge
US (entrance fee)taxa, entrada sf
 There is a cover of ten dollars to enter the club.
mouth n (natural opening) (abertura natural)entrada, boca sf
 The mouth of the cave was small, but the inside was huge.
seat n (event entry) (para evento)entrada sf
 Do you have seats for the Broncos' game?
entry n (entrance door)entrada sf
 Pippa waited by the entry for Mark to come out.
gateway to [sth] n figurative (geography) (geografia)entrada sf
 St. Louis is the gateway to the west.
inlet n (entrance)entrada, abertura sf
 Pete squeezed through the narrow inlet to get into the tent.
inlet n (object: let in) (mercadoria, objeto)entrada sf
 Today's inlet included a shipment of grain and fresh vegetables.
inlet n (act of letting in) (ato de deixar entrar)entrada sf
 The inlet of goods into the country was limited by the new laws.
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Formas compostas:
admit to [sth] vi + prep UK, formal (door, gate: provide access to)permitir a entrada expres v
  dar acesso expres v
 The gate admits to the courtyard.
air intake n (ventilation aperture)entrada de ar loc sf
 The air intake filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.
air intake n (carburettor opening)entrada de ar loc sf
 The air intake valve on that engine seems to be clogged.
complimentary ticket n (free entry)ingresso gratuito loc sm
  entrada gratuita, entrada franca loc sf
 Milton has given me a few complimentary tickets to see his latest show.
 O Milton deu-me alguns ingressos gratuitos para o espetáculo dele.
condition of entry n ([sth] required for admission to a country) (para ingresso num país)requisitos para entrada loc sm
data entry n (entering information onto computer)entrada de dados loc sf
 Data entry is a boring job and doesn't pay well.
 Trabalhar com entrada de dados é chato e não paga bem.
disc slot n (slit for inserting a CD or DVD)entrada de CD loc sf
 The DVD got stuck in the disc slot; now it won't go in or come out.
down adv (cash payment)de entrada loc adv
 How much money can you put down?
driveway n (private vehicle path from house to road)entrada da garagem loc sf
  caminho de acesso à garagem loc sm
 Sarah parked her car in the driveway.
entrance n (person's arrival) (de pessoa)entrada em cena
 The actor's entrance onto the stage marked a new phase of the plot. It was 6pm and Tom's wife was due home from work, so he kept his eyes on the door, awaiting her entrance.
entrance fee n (cost of admission)taxa de entrada loc sf
 Visitors are charged an entrance fee of €2.50.
entry point,
point of entry
(bullet wound) (projétil de bala)orifício de entrada loc sm
 The entry point of the bullet is below the exit wound suggesting that a short person fired the gun at Mr. Jones.
entry point,
point of entry
US (port)porto de entrada loc sm
 The easiest way to get a visa is on arrival, either at airports or at entry points to the country.
free admission n (no cost to enter)entrada franca, entrada livre loc sf
 Tickets cost $20, except on Tuesdays when the museum offers free admission.
guest pass n (privileged access)entrada livre loc sf
 We were issued with guest passes for the VIP area.
half n UK (children's ticket) (metade do preço normal)meia-entrada sf
  meia sf
 One and a half to Waterloo, please, driver.
inbound adj (train, ship: incoming)de chegada, de entrada loc adj
  de aproximação loc adj
  entrante adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 Inbound trains are listed on the other board, sir.
inbound adj (data, call: incoming) (informática: dados que chegam)de entrada loc adj
 The inbound data is queued up and will process overnight.
inbox n literal (document tray for mail to be read)caixa de entrada loc sf
inbox n figurative (folder for new e-mails) (e-mails)caixa de entrada loc sf
input vtr (enter data) (informações)fornecer vt
  dar entrada loc vt
 We had input all the names and addresses.
 Fornecemos todos os nomes e endereços.
 Demos entrada em todos os nomes e endereços.
keep [sb/sth] out vtr phrasal sep (prevent from entering)impedir a entrada
 A waterproof jacket will keep the rain out.
keep out interj written (sign: do not enter)É proibida a entrada
 "Keep out!" a crudely painted sign on the gate warned.
logon n (accessing a computer) (inf.: acessar)logon sm
  entrada no sistema loc sf
log-on n (computer username and password)entrada no sistema
no entry n (no way in)entrada proibida
 A No Entry sign indicates that cars must not drive down that road.
rabbit hole n (opening of a rabbit's burrow) (abertura de uma toca de coelho)entrada da toca de coelho loc sf
  toca de coelho loc sf
 The small dog disappeared down a rabbit hole.
revenue stream n (method of income)fluxo de entrada sm + loc adj
  geração de receita sf + loc adj
right of entry n (legal freedom to enter a property)direito de acesso sm + loc adj
  direito de entrada sm + loc adj
 As I'm the owner, I have the right of entry on the property.
service entrance n (tradesman's door)entrada do serviço loc sf
 The restaurant owner asks that all deliveries be brought to the service entrance.
side aisle n (lateral walkway in a church)entrada lateral sf
  (entrada lateral em uma igreja)nave lateral sf
sign-in sheet n (register signed on entry) (entrada registrada e assinada)folha de registro sf
  registro de entrada sm
single entry n (simple accounting system) (sistema simples de contabilidade)entrada simples sf
stoop n US (building: front steps)degraus em entrada de edifício loc sm
 Guys were sitting on the stoop, whistling at girls.
sweep in vi phrasal figurative (enter in a dramatic way)fazer uma entrada triunfal vt
Universal Serial Bus n (USB: standard computer port) (USB: porta comum de computador)porta USB sf
  (sigla)USB sf
  entrada USB sf
Universal Serial Bus n (USB: standard computer port) (USB: porta comum de computador)porta USB sf
  (sigla)USB sf
  entrada USB sf
water inlet n (opening designed to let water in) (abertura feita para permitir a passagem de água)entrada de água sf
  calha de água sf
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